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Arena returning hero boost

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  • Arena returning hero boost

    Anyone have an idea as to how this occurs?
    [S52] Jynx

  • #2
    Uhm... firs and last time I get this buff are when I regain my lost tittle.
    I mean, right away after I get back my tittle as high commander on bg that lost few days before.
    So I think... you need to give away you honor so your rank drop and get back that rank the next day (just speculation)

    Why I think like that?
    Becouse on that day, Im doing Demon NM without that buff, after that Im doing bg and get back that tittle, entering spire and... voila... that buff come out of nowhere --"
    And Im not crazy to check for second time this teory.
    Need to give up 15k honor just to check on it =w=
    S24 - Reaper's Illusion
    IGN - Vein


    • #3
      I think he means warrior's call stat boost applying in arena? Sorry, don't really understand.


      • #4
        I am confused too.

        However Warrior's Call should only work in Dungeons (unless you're the AI being attacked in Arena, in that case you do get the 10% boost if your character was inside a dungeon when you got attacked in arena as AI)


        • #5
          What he is actually talking about happened to me and my team in arena a couple of weeks ago also.

          Instead of the usual 15insignia and PvP points for a win, we were getting 23 for "returning hero". This happened on every single run of our 30 for one day only.

          Ruise I don't think your correct with the honor loss theory. I have never dropped down a rank in honor, but still got this "bonus".

          Anyone that actually knows care to enlighten us??


          • #6
            It's a 50% increase in insignia gained from arena. (23 for win, 8 for loss) So far it's only happened to me in two lobbies and it went away when a player left the party. I think it's tied to a certain activity but i don't think it's regaining an honor rank as it happened today with a player who was elite warrior.
            [S52] Jynx


            • #7
              I believe it happens when you party with someone that hasn't played for a long time. Hence the name returning hero.


              • #8
                oxy right, u get that buff from someone just come back active after been away for along time. And also the buff has effect on party member when they go with that person.