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Ranking in Tank Trials

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  • Ranking in Tank Trials

    i only hope we have ranking system in tank trials too =)

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    It'll be hard tho... since it's a Team battle, and the Teams are different every single time.

    Maybe if they make the Ranking based on Individual points... however it is already widely known for players to "kill steal" for points.

    So this type of Ranking won't work that well.

    Only thing I can think of is maybe like that suggestion thread.
    Based on different Tank types and Free-for-all Battle.
    Where you can only use a certain Tank Type in that Tank Trials and no other types (IE: Turret only tanks in this battle)
    Than you can make a Ranking based on each Tank Type (IE: currently there are 4 different tanks, so there will be 4 Rankings)


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      How about a title for X number of Tank wins or kills.

      Add to that a ranking for Tank wins (which would make kill stealing irrelevant)