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Mage skills level 64

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  • Mage skills level 64

    I've tryed to find a thread like that but unfortunately didn't find anything. If someone 60-66 post his skill build (no double tree activated)

    I would appreciate from ppl with pve set and pvp set, maybe there is difference in it maybe not thats what i would like to see.

    My issue is that with no double tree i have full healing skills and i would love to put few points in thunderer but that simply doesnt seem realistic.

    I am with level 4 bolt / rof / meteor, all the healing skills and passives. 0 skills in delphic 0 in thunderer.

    Any screenshot is appreciated

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    Are you pvp or pve set?
    I am not in a position where i can make and SS tree's for you to do.
    But a mixed tree:
    Rage gain + 15% matk MAX (5 SP)
    Bolt 4, RoF 4 (8SP)
    Castinator 2, Meteor 3, Purification 3, BL 2 (10 SP)
    These are the essentials. Takes a total: 23 SP.. Whatever points you have left you can use for thunderer.
    Skills to use:
    PvP (pvp set): Bolt-Rof-Meteor-Sunt-Resto
    PvP (pve set): Bolt-Rof-Meteor-Resto-BL (IMO the best pvp tree ... you may want to swap BL for thunderer if you are farming easy honour)
    PvE (pvp set): Bolt-Rof-Sunt-Resto-BL
    PvE (pve set): Bolt-Rof-Meteor-Resto-BL(if need more heals swap Meteor for Sunt) OR if you are strong enough: Bolt-Rof-Meteor/sunt-Resto-Thunderer (if you used extra SP in it)
    WB: Bolt-Rof-Meteor-Thunderer.
    I can provide screen shot when I get home, but right now I can't fix it.


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      Right now I'm using pvp set, im using BL only in 3v3 (if there is stronger mages or no other mage) and in MPD's. Besides from that i never have it even in my bar...

      For 1v1 classwars and BG im always using lb/rof/meteor/sun/rest.

      If i want to put some points in thunderer i can get 2 from puri, 3 from meteor, 1 from BL => 6 points and put 3 in delphic and 3 in thunderer.

      But is level 3 thunderer worth it over level 4 meteor?

      Im using crit for WB and i think i could get better gold with thund. since i have the starting rage high enough.


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        In wb yes. Why? Because you can start with it.
        LvL 3 is 300% compared to lvl 4 meteor for 167%.


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          max all passives.. get the blessed light tier skills.. max rof. the only downside to this is the wb.. thunderer very good in wb.

          met and rof combo good in pvp set in bg,arena..etc

          no worries on MPs, you are on heal/support spec anyway.


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            The issue is if i should respec for thunderer and loose points in meteor and BL, i dont care about puri ofcourse

            Issue is that meteor is excelent in BG and 3v3 so getting more gold for the sake of less honor and insignia is not probably worth it.

            I just wanted to inspire myself with skill tree's from other players on similar levels.


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              max bolt, lvl 4 rof, lvl 3 meteor n max lvl for all support skill
              that what i use
              we in same lvl
              Nubito the Super Noob Mage in The Badlands