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s86/89/101/104 seeing different rankings?

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  • s86/89/101/104 seeing different rankings?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	dragons.jpg
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    Are the rankings different there?

  • #2
    That 1 at the top is of the Guild Level. There's also a ranking of Guild Strength. Those don't have to be the same.


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      DEADLY_SIN is 5th in strength and Pride is 5th in level. I'm sure all the rankings are the same, maybe just doesn't think players are bright enough to check rankings? Or maybe slow in the head? Dunno LOL
      My name itself is a flame...sweeeeeet! awesome! epic!


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        Dragons are jam-packed yet you still keep in-actives. LMAO


        • #5
          crying about our inactives and spying in our guild isnt go to help you. and this just goes to show how boring it must be in your guild when u have multiple people over here just so their around other players spying. pretty lame on the avenger side of things
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          S86 Mireworth Keep
          Leader of Dragons


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            The guild leader probably just didn't change the guild message lol. No one is going to keep changing it everytime the guild rank changes lol. Also for inactive, it could be friends, so that's why they didn't kick.