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  • feeling happy

    I just wanted to say i think wartune has to be the best browser game ive played in many years.Yer i dont have the best BR for my level yer im a knight yer i dont have the best mount in the game etc etc but its the people who make it worth while not the equipment.I see people with the with massive BR's but meh so what if they spend thousands thats upto them it makes them happy.I just enjoy the game and the current guild im in on s180 and i like the fact on this forum there are a few people who do genuinely do want to help others which is good to see.anyway enough of my dribble thanks R2

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    I wish I could feel the same thing. I am unhappy with the lag, bugs & errors everywhere.
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      cheer up it could be worse remember what games are all about FUN !!


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        Wartune does make the best game. But R2game kinda turn it enjoyable to Life-sucker. I mean it people's choices after all to choose play as enjoy or play to get highest rank possible.

        For me. Wartune is just a game to enjoy. Why pay too much money? What will I get in real life if I am top rank in the game. Nothing right?
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          indeed john.i just get tired of seeing people slating others on the game alot of jealousy like i said before im all about the fun aspect and the great people ive met on here alot from indonesia too