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  • different environment

    hi r2 team, first at all, im really grateful that u had hear and accepted my concept of making Class war.

    what im trying to say, is that wartune is an amazing game that requires lot of time and patience to build up their characters.

    now, i would like u, r2 team, could really make an "extra" environment, coz it gonna make this game more powerful and diversified.

    "extra" environment at my mean, its like making one more icon on water or on the air, that could possibly make u fight on water or air.

    if u fight on water, u can get some specified itens needed as same as on the air.

    i can probably suggest that once u done this kind of game play, we dont fight only on terrain like we always been fighting with monsters.

    there r kings of water to be fought, kings of the air to be found, and such things maybe leads u a better "extra" environment, better quests and more rewards.

    maybe with this, u can link the rewards with the homestead that still "coming soon" or farming slot "coming soon".

    and at last, i do really really advise that u should make a bigger world map to be explored. im level 76 now archer, and i feel like my castle not going anywhere since i arrived in Erandel....its sad to keep the castle at same place when we can make it fly over and around the world to discover and explore more places and to feel "NEW" and adventurous.... thank u so much r2 team.... ur supervising tickets really works great to attend people. im proud to know wartune. Pls think twice what my suggestion is, and thanks 1 more time of creating CW.