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'Do no use attempt' option for mpds

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  • 'Do no use attempt' option for mpds

    I normaly run my multiplayer dungeons with a set team and we run them late in the evening.

    When other people ask me to help them on their runs, I have to turn them down most of the time because I don't want to waste my attempts.
    Both for me, as for the people who need the help, this is quite sad and frustrating.

    I think it wouldn't be too hard to make an option available in the game that allows you to not use your attempts when running a mpd.

    This would mean:
    -Not receiving any item boxes in the mpd
    -Not being able to retreive travelers coin sacks or silver boxes etc.
    -Not getting any exp.
    -Not getting rewards at the end

    Just exactly the same as when you run a mpd after you've completed your 3 attempts.

    Then later, when you do the mpd apropriate for your level, you could tick the box again to use your availabe attempts or something like that, to start receiveing the rewards again.
    This way you can help anyone with any mpd during the whole day, without wasting your own attempts!

    Allowing this option would be beneficial for players, but also for the R2 company.
    I have personally seen quite a few players quit the game because they didn't receive any help with their mpds, especially earlier in the day when almost nobody did their own mpds yet.
    With this option, it would be much easier to help these players.

    I could see something similar for The Spire event, as people often find it dificult to find teams for it, especially since you cant help others after you've used your attempt.

    I hope this suggestion will be taken into consideration.

    Thank you in advance
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    Aletheran - Lvl 64 Mage - S213 Felmarsh

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    Also like such and option and even suggested this when doing my veteran application month ago


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      love this idea. please try and get the programmers to work on it soon.


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        +1 good idea


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          excellent idea!, please implement! It really would make a big difference to Guild dynamics.


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            Do not use attempts for MPD is fine -- and has been suggested many times before (do a search).

            Do not use attempt for Spire is a no-no.
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              Yes condor, for spire isnt rly that good, but for mpd it would be really nice!

              And yes the fact that it's already been suggested so many times, I think, makes it clear that this would really be an improvement.
              Aletheran - Lvl 64 Mage - S213 Felmarsh