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Need to be Fixed (Tank War)

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    Originally posted by tubbyz View Post
    I am enjoying this tank system.
    btw school you enjoy? or the lost art of reading full posts?


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      The chest reward seems random when the other team leaves. Is there pattern to this?
      It sucks when some can get chest, others not. This is really need fixing, at least temporary fix
      is to remove back button so they can't leave. Put it back if permanent solution is found.
      Giving rewards to them without fighting seems pointless,
      what's the point of tanks if everyone just enters and leaves battles..
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        Hmmm... someone said they fixed it...

        But apparently... it still isn't, my guildmates just got a Default Win, however they only got the Victory Chest, no Rank Runestones.


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          Originally posted by symedia View Post
          btw school you enjoy? or the lost art of reading full posts?
          Do I really have to say in a big chunk rather than conveying it in few words? I guess you like it when post is long.(that enhances your divine art, eh?) Anyways, what my point was that what bugs/glitches OP is talking about, those are pretty handy in getting favorable results. I can't help if you need more 'elaboration'.


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            Fix Tank Trial #3

            Yea, I think I'll make a new thread every time I get a Default Win in Tank trial, we'll see how many I end up before a solution arise.

            2 vs 1
            went in at 21:46
            default win at 21:47

            Victory Chest - 14 Runestones
            200 Tank EXP
            0 Rank Reward

            Possible Rank Reward - 10~15 runestones


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              Fix Tank Trial #4

              Looks like they merged my threads, LOL
              (plus, I didn't want to necro an old thread anyways)
              (you can also tell how long this has been a problem too by looking at the date... 07-06-2013 )


              happened again..., this time, a screenshot too

              2 vs 1
              went in at 21:50
              default win at 21:50

              Victory Chest - 10 Runestones
              200 Tank EXP
              0 Rank Reward
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                Stop going in 2s, go solo... you can still lose out on runes, but sometime even w/o points you get all runes. Easier to adjust your own methods instead of hoping for them to fix something they most definitely won't any time soon.


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                  woot, just won Tank in under 1 sec...

                  not... it sucks...

                  and no, you don't get all runes unless you have at least 1+ kill.

                  There is no way to "adjust", no matter what you do, you will not get rank reward.

                  Go ahead and try it, i'll wait the day when you get a default win in under 5 sec and gets rank reward too.


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                    I dont relly care about tank i rune it make a team for win fast take the runes i can get, and hops for gain 6-12k exp frome TOK instent.

                    but latly Runestones frome tok has become hard to gain.
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                      People tend to exploit the 1v1 tank trial battles.
                      One person attacks, the other leaves after death.
                      I don't care if people are making the exploiters mad. I might even pick it up.

                      Why should someone who spends 30 seconds, to my 5-25 minute battles, have the right to complain?
                      This isn't directed @ OP, just those who start queues within the last 5 minutes of Tank Trials with One and Duo parties with the intent to abuse Pre-made Match queues.
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                      Smart people outsmart each other.
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                        Those who do ToK NM probably would not mind doing tanks, because they can get 120 runestones from ToK per day...

                        I hope I'll experience that sooner...


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                          Originally posted by Kingryan View Post
                          Those who do ToK NM probably would not mind doing tanks, because they can get 120 runestones from ToK per day...

                          I hope I'll experience that sooner...
                          Its not daily, unless you're really lucky lol, most common are insig/soul crystals. Though yes, rune drops are big and you can get them a good number of times from 5 tok chests daily. Personally I get maybe 7-8 a month more or less.


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                            I've got 1 rune chest from tok nm in 2 weeks. My luck in this game is horrible.
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                              genarely i go alone for tank...if i facel4 tanks alon1(4v1) aganist me all r lv 20 or more ...wht i should do ??leave that trial..make a new one.and u reward pls talk with R2 not with me.
                              ARCHE wht is slow leveling?
                              when u hope that u and u tank will be same lv.