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Samsara Vs Lych's Lair

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  • Samsara Vs Lych's Lair

    After few days when all the ppl from my party level up 70 we will try either Samsara or Lych's Lair so I would appreaciate some tips or heads up for there.I also watched some videos in youtube for each of the 2 mpd and i think Samsara looked a bit easier that Lych's Lair but it`s hard to figure that our just by watching videos since i cant know their team full stats so i can compare to mine.Also it is posible the Samsara team to be more strong that the other one so this can explain why it looked a bit easier.Any way share pros and cons for them both also witch one do you prefer personaly.

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    They're both a DPS race. I'd say they're both about the same in difficulty.


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      I see in Samsara i saw the last boss use some shield is it dmg reduction and how many % it also was stackable.


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        10% each time.
        and after he buffs a 3rd time, he'll follow his normal routine, Buff, Attack, Aoe.. then instead of buffing the 4th time, he AoEs again with huge damage, like Altar/WB... just.. unstoppable.


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          Thanks for the info you know exact turns to first and second buff ?


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            He's pretty much the same as first boss in DT, same attack order, except he buffs defense and it cant be scattered.

            Also when he AoEs he gives the party +25% Casting Speed I believe?
            I'm positive it's HP based and not turn based, so at a certain % of his HP he'll start buffing.. if so it may be wise to let him continue to attack your team while you guys just survive, then at the end ya'll can have +200% speed or something.


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              I prefer lynch over samsara, since sam's second boss can be either spider-lady, lizard or the bird.
              people in my guild complain so much about the lizard, since he buffs rapidly fast and then has his own attack routine and then buffs twice again.
              Also the bird can be a pain but i havent found that difficult, since the people i used to crew in Sam, know what to do.
              Lynch is a bit tricker but the bosses have their own pattern; once you know it, then you just do it.
              And the end boss is fun :P And the mini bosses are nice too, more challenge merp

              But as for regular mp, i think Sam is a better choice... idk why, my feeling is just telling me that....
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                same here, LL over samsara, coz of the random 2nd boss u'll get..
                based from experience, its completely random, idk if there is a trick to get an exact boss, maybe based on timming or whatsoever..
                i hate the lizzie also, 100k regen skill @_@, takes too long..
                LL however is pretty straight..
                Boss 1, just like 1st boss of DT, power buff and reflect
                Boss 2, 10k bleeding
                Last boss, unlimited delphic half way
                miniboss spawn random at each room..

                can u tell me ur team set up for LL NM priz? n how to kill last boss?