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    Please don't assume academy is done by all just to increase BR.... mistakes happen just so you know....


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      only dumb people mistakenly boost their Patck even as a mage. and to add to that, their is even a description saying what that button do. lol

      anyway, i maxed out my patck, im a mage too. just for br and to spend those extra kyanites.


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        Of course when ppl have like several million spare kyanite why not spend in academy just to increase BR


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          Do players actually gain some sort of advantage by having these mismatched skills ?


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            Originally posted by Gunwitch View Post
            Do players actually gain some sort of advantage by having these mismatched skills ?
            Yes, highest BR player on a server receive a title. And if you acheive the same thing as others, but there's only one person can hold the title, it will go to the one with higher BR.
            The Last Remnant OSTs Go!!!



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              Originally posted by anichaos View Post
              No archer/knight uses Matk Astral, same as no mage uses Patk Astral, lol.

              What I am thinking, is they probably added their Academy.

              That or the "random green bonus" on their equipments.
              LOL there was a knight who had patk and matk astral (after half year now finally swapped the amtk for another astral), same for some archers... they didn't like my advice to take pdef or block or crit instead for the matk one, their choice >.<


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                the kins of earning atk are
                1. astral
                2.guild skills
                4.good weapons
                5.legendary weapons
                if u will do this u will become strong i am 27k br 49 level


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                  if it works say ty ok?