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  • Is Spawn Killing......

    I am just curious, & want to hear what everyone thinks about spawn killing in Guild Battle. Is it actually a tactic sanctioned by R2, is it a cheap shot at securing a win, is it dishonorable? My opinion is it shouldn't be allowed, but that is me!

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    Some other Hosts, actually have a Rule for no Spawn Killing, and mainly for Guild Battle.

    R2 used to have the rule too, but they removed it because of too many Tickets being filed and sent to them.
    (what interesting is one of the Hosts is R2's partner, but because they kept the rule, their "cross-server pvp" is on a separate server and is not connected to R2)

    A lot of Guilds in this game also make their own rules about no Spawn Killing, however there are always people that still do it.

    While some Guilds just warns, some removes them from Battle and at times even kick them out of Guild.

    Personally, I think they should make a sort of "safe zone" for both Battleground and Guild Battle where enemy players can't stand right next to the spawn entrance.

    Such as BG, make the Resource Officer patrol the area in front of Spawn Zone.


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      Perfectly legal and should remain that way. It is a viable strategy to help push a win.

      If your top players can keep your opponents top players trapped in spawn zone, then they cannot attack towers, cannot attack players and cannot attack ward tower. So you successfully keep their best out of GB for the most part. It is then up to the rest of your guild to take the win.

      Putting in a Safe Zone would just make it easier for lower guilds to win.


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        Spawn killing in guild battle yes, it's perfectly legal and honorable tactics since time counts for winning.
        In battlegrounds, there are players who just want to cart, they can probably use access to resource officer
        without going outside of spawn just to add points. Both are just tactics, resource officers can't be killed
        permanently anyway, will respawn again.
        Temple of Ibalize


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          It does have its place, especially when the guild leader of the opposing team spends days taking mines from level 50 players.


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            Putting in a Safe Zone would just make it easier for lower guilds to win.

            you mean there would actually be a battle and not just a preordained result?

            seriously though, give people a chance to replenish hp pots, pot up, whatever

            you can bottle people up at their ward without entering spawn point, a one-sided battle is one thing, just pounding people as soon as they pop up gets boring, and is frustrating for them

            it amazes me how many people are so wrapped up in bullying weaker players and guilds then complain that their servers are dying because everyone is quitting


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              spawn camping is fine, imo. tho its better to put a safe zone. anyway, the objective of spawn camping is to prevent opposing team from adding points. so putting a safezone is not a bad idea.

              in other words..safezone is just to prevent forced battle with no hp pack used. or even stat pots and scrolls.