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Best dungeon for a level 62 to blitz

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  • Best dungeon for a level 62 to blitz

    I'm a level 62. Main thing I'm looking for is level 60 gear crystaloids. That doesn't seem to be happening though, so I guess the most important thing I'm looking for is experience gain.

    If anything is going to open up in the next 4 levels as far as crystaloids or more experience gain, please include that information as well.

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    For loids dont cont on it it drops so rare but exp the higher the mpd the higher the xp.


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      Dont think thats entirely true Clin...Pretty sure soul trials give more exp then Bloodnite Canyon and is a lower level. I could be wrong though, feel free to correct me about the experience gain if anybody wants to test it out.


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        Just do moonevil MP and blitz the highest solo campaign for xp.
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