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To much greed will ruin the game.

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    Originally posted by Spiritombz View Post
    well anichaos that sure doesnt stop people from coming here and paying.
    That's right, because there are rich dudes playing this game, it's not a secret.

    However, most "non-rich" players tends to play on other Hosts.

    That's why some servers have "population problems" and R2 is constantly doing server-merges.

    Some people dislike greed so they move to another Host with better services.

    I am playing in R2... because it was the first host I saw when I saw Wartune with most servers.
    And as most times in mmos... the largest host usually tend to have better gaming... (which now I seem to be wrong about)
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      Originally posted by R211988663 View Post

      This is from gamefuse wartune host, even though i got high lvl char iam thinking real hard about just going there and have fun, by the sound of it they arent all about greed.

      Wartune Weekly Scheduled Maintenance July 10th @ Midnight PDT

      Hello Wartune Fans!

      Wartune will be undergoing its scheduled weekly maintenance on Wednesday July 10th from7/10 at 12:00am PDT (8:00am BST) to 7/10 at 2:00am PDT (10:00am BST). During this time you will not be able to log in nor recharge your tokens. This maintenance will take the place of our usual weekly maintenance on Thursday.

      This maintenance will include the following:

      1. Wager Rewards ratio will be changed, for loser rewards, returning the glory crystal. Glory Crystal amount = twice the balens you spent. Example: spend 100, losing reward would be 200 glory crystal.
      2. Frost Lync and Grizzled Battle Bear will be added in Glory Shop, Hawkstrider will be removed, Piggy and Alpaca’s price will be reduced.
      3. Fix the bug that Lvl. 70 Legendary Stone Pack is empty.
      4. Revised several textual problems.

      Looks interesting...