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An event for low lvl players

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  • An event for low lvl players

    players between 1-20 can join in an event similar to world boss but the boss is Balenor's Strongest Warrior (BSW)....whoever that might be. Before that event BSW can assignt his proper skills and he/she will not be fighting but the computer will manage his attacks passively (like in arena duel)

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    Wait, what's the point in having players 1-20 try and kill a lv 70+ Player?

    Quite easily the player will survive an army of lv 20s..


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      A single AoE attack is all they'd need to leave on the bar and every player under level 50 (in all but the most extreme cases) would be dead.

      Cool idea. Needs some work before it'll fly though.
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        Cool idea! I'm liking the concept by like others said, a few tweaks would need to be added
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          you lvl upto 25 in few hours what is the point of having a event for low lvl then? by the time you finish the first phase of story you would be lvl 21. then you can participate in wb.
          idea is not bad actually.


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            There is no such thing ad level 1 player.
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              There are level 3 players tho, you can see them in Arena Solo, LOL (NPC alts)


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                Originally posted by anichaos View Post
                There are level 3 players tho, you can see them in Arena Solo, LOL (NPC alts)
                And those 3 on group arena, not sure if they still stick around though
                Last time I see them, it's actually glitch. Like they want to show up but can't show up since cross server arena.
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