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  • hOW?

    How? are you going to pit A guildmate against A guildmate on the same server in battleground? that's low.I understand if it's in the arena? but,in battleground? on the same server?

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    I've seen that happened thousands of time.
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      This happens ALL the time? Lol

      Most guilds deal with it by letting em get a cart first before killing each other.


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        Or some guilds just won't attack each other in BG.


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          Originally posted by Zokusho View Post
          Or some guilds just won't attack each other in BG.
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            nothing wrong with that
            most of guild have unwritten rule like"not attack guildie in Battle Ground"
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              lolz again, this type of thread. first of all, cross server used to never exist and bg was from your server ONLY. 2ND of all, decide if you attack guildies or not. some guilds don't care, others do. In our guild we dont attack each other, unless we ask first, ie we are low in health and better to have a guildie take our honor instead of some stranger.
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