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blood blade lvl 130 priest skill

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  • blood blade lvl 130 priest skill

    i have tested the skill and from what i can see is it give 4 buff 15%dodge 15%crit strike 15% hit rating and 15% movement speed but your speed
    stats is not even affected by the skill also u seem to some how gain 15% atk speed where u should be getting 140% at lvl 5 does ok damage and is
    fast only problem is the description

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    i think its the wrong forum to post this.


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      as for the other skill Magic blast it seem much better an has no flaws in its description it would be a great skill for cl
      cause its fast an u can atk while doing heals to your teak this along side healing wave and circle of
      healing in afk an u wouldn't need to heal all that much + it heals as even you so would be a good solo skill

      My opinion
      blood blade would of been great for avernal an such and might prove use full for when in pvp for a fast kill and good evading or running away if it works as it should
      also not to mention in pve (faster atk speed more chance to activate blood cry on your frag weapon) over all a very good skill to have for a priest

      Magic blast on the other hand is some what only good for one thing an its instance heal at fast rate. i would advise that you do not set it in afk an grid cause
      u get random stuff happen like being dismount or stun also it dont do damage even the damage is random i have to be really close to the traget to hit or
      it is as if i am missing ( i would say do dmg to about 50-100 radius slash damage)

      lol sorry if wrong forum