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how to calculate equipment rating?

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  • how to calculate equipment rating?

    Hi, does anyone know how to calculate the equipment rating?
    I seriously don't understand how to calculate it. At the moment I'm refining my equipments.
    How is:
    hp 528 (fixed stat)
    MDEF +101 (LVL 9)
    Crit +95 (lvl6)
    hp +210 (lvl6)
    PATK +95(lvl6)
    strength +23 (lvl6)
    equipment rating 955?

    How much would this one be?
    HP +219 (lvl8)
    crit +91 (lvl4)
    Defense +24 (lvl8)
    Charisma +23 (lvl6)
    endurance +24 (lvl8)

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    First of all im assuming you have the L45 pvp set, because of the stats..

    Equipement rating will be different in helm,brooch,armor,weapon.

    1 Strength = 4 patk + 1 pdef.

    1 Defense = 4 pdef + 4 mdef
    1 Charisma = +1 troop count
    1 Endurance = 20 hp

    HP +219 (lvl8)
    crit +91 (lvl4)
    Defense +24 (lvl8)
    Charisma +23 (lvl6)
    endurance +24 (lvl8)

    Would be like 700-800~ Equipment rating
    - The Lag Master -


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      It also depends on what class you are.

      Knights get more Equip/Battle Rating with Block
      While Archer gets more with Crit


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        scroll down to equipment rating

        that being said... u should pick your refinements based on what you need/want...not on what gives you a higher number
        if block does give rating, its at a super low ratio
        Last edited by airemyn; 07-13-2013, 12:02 PM.