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Essence of Summer Exchange (what did you get)

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  • Essence of Summer Exchange (what did you get)

    Besides the Rhino.
    (who we all know heavy casher brought all those packs)

    Essence of Summer Swap, from 7/13 - 8/5 23:59:59 (Server Time):
    Essence of Summer x1 can be exchanged for 10,000 Gold, 2,000 Daru
    Essence of Summer x20 can be exchanged for Lvl. 3 Gem Pack x1
    Essence of Summer x40 can be exchanged for Insignia x250
    Essence of Summer x50 can be exchanged for Crypt Tokens x50
    Essence of Summer x100 can be exchanged for Holy Rune Pack x1 (each class will receive a corresponding pack)
    Essence of Summer x150 can be exchanged for Nether Rhino Card x1

    If you used Soul Crystals for exchange,

    How many Essence did you get?
    What did you buy with it? or are you going to save it until you get more Essence later?
    (however any laterEssence events requires Balen - except for Ray exchange)

    I had 240 Soul Crystals (because I didn't save beforehand, 200 is from Guild Battle)

    So I had 9

    10 short for 10 ;(

    But yea... either way, it seems I am only able to get the first exchange...
    Unless I save it and wait until I obtain Alpaca mount and exchange the rest for around 22 Essence (-35 ray because I don't feel like Dryad Bombing)
    That'll give me a total of 32 Essence before the event ends.

    Tho I'll still only be able to obtain Gem Pack, which doesn't really seem to matter because 250 Insignia doesn't seem to be worth 40 Essence when you can try and obtain 1000 Insignia from Apollo's Pack for 50 Rays (or 15 Essence), LOL
    Same thing with Crypt Token, 250 from Apollo's Pack vs 50 from 50 essence...

    From the looks of it, the only thing that's good for exchange with Essence is the Rhino... everything else sucked.
    (if you can obtain 100 Essence (around 55 USD based on pack) for Rune Pack, than you should be able to obtain the Rune Packs with only 10 USD in Mystery Shop instead, save 45 dollars)

    Like this:
    too bad I don't got balens

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    Probably just gold for me. I don't have many essence of summers for anything else.


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      Nothing yet.
      I'll get the alpaca, then wait all events to see what is missing for rhino. Probably a couple apollo packs.

      I was lucky enough with the mystery shop previously to get two archers packs (and no double rune).
      Telstar - Lv74 Archer - 93k BR blessed - Lord Divine (wartune-s80)

      I'm a figment of your imagination.
      I do not exist.
      For real.


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        rite now i get 14 essence
        ill get 50 crpyt tokins if i can bcus u cant get lots wihtut lots of exp


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          I made only 25 :S.