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Best Gift Pack Idea Ever

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  • Best Gift Pack Idea Ever

    I've been debating the gift pack idea and came up with an unbelievable idea for the gift packs. THE GIFT PACKS SHOULD BE BE NAMED THE HONOR RANKING SYSTEM. The $5 gift pack should be caled the PRIVATE gift pack. The $10 CHAMPION. $20 WARRIOR. $40 ELITE WARRIOR. $80 CRUSADER, $100 KNIGHT CRUSADER, $200 ELITE CRUSADER, $300 HIGH COMMANDER $1,000 IMPERIAL COMMANDER and finally $10,000 LORD DIVINE.

    The private pack would be $5 for 500 balens and contain:

    250K Gold, 50K Daru, 1 10-pack of Lv. 1 Crystaloids, 1 Lv. 1-3 Gempack.

    The Champion pack would be $10 for 1,000 balens and contain:

    1M Gold, 250K Daru, 1 10-pack of Lv. 2 crystaloids, 3 Lv. 1-3 Gempacks.

    The Warrior pack would be $20 for 2,100 balens and contain:

    2M Gold, 400K Daru, 1 10-pack of lV. 3 crystaloids, 1 Lv. 3-5 Gempack, White Alpaca Card, 2 Small Runestones.

    The Elite Warrior pack would be $40 for 4,200 balens and contain:

    5M Gold, 1M Daru, 1 10-pack of Lv. 3 crystaloids, 3 Lv. 3-5 Gempacks, Lv. 1 Phantom Dragon Wings, 10 Training Whips, 5 small runestones, 1 5-pack of Lv. 40 Legendary Stones.

    The Crusader pack would be $80 for 10,000 balens and include:

    10M Gold, 2M Daru, 2 10-packs of Lv. 4 crystaloids, 1 Lv. 5-9 Gempack, 10 Spirit Mounts, 1 Guild Chest, 2 medium runestones, 80 Soul Crystals, 1 31-Day Vip, 1 31-Day Spirit Covenant.

    The Knight Crusader pack would be $100 for 12,500 balens and include:

    12M Gold, 2400K Daru, 2 10-pack of lv. 4 Crystaloids, 3 Lv. 5-9 Gem Packs, Hawkstrider Card, 3 Guild Chests, 5 medium runestones, 100 Soul Crystals, 2 5-pack Lv. 50 Legendary Stones, 2 31-Day Vip, 2 31-Day Spirit Covenant, 1 Rose.

    The Elite Crusader pack would be $200 for 25K balens and contains:

    25M Gold, 5M Daru, 4 10-packs of Lv. 5 Crystaloids, 5 Lv. 5-9 Gem packs, Wildfire Steed Card, 10 Guild Chests, 10 medium runestones, 200 Soul Crystals, 4 31-Day Vip, 4 31-Day Spirit Covenant, 11 Roses.

    The High Commander pack would be $300 for 45K balens and contain:

    50M Gold, 10M Daru, 4 10-packs of Lv. 5 Crystaloids, 7 Lv. 5-9 Gempacks, Lv. 1 Apollo's Feathers, 20 Guild Chests, 2 Large Runestones, 300 Soul Crystals, 4 5-packs of Lv. 60 Legendary Stones, 6 31-Day Vip, 6 31-Day Spirit Covenant, 99 Roses.

    The Imperial Commander pack would be $1K for 150K balens and contain:

    100M Gold, 20M Daru, 8 10-packs of Lv. 6 Crystaloids, 20 Lv. 5-9 Gem Packs, Lv. 1 Apollo's Wings, Underworld Steed Card, 100 Guild Chests, 5 Large Runestones, 1K Soul Crystals, 1 Warrior Rune Pack, 1 Archer Rune Pack, 1 Mage Rune Pack, 12 31-Day Vip, 12 31-Day Spirit Covenant, 999 Roses.

    The Lord Divine pack would be $10,000 for 2M balens and contain:

    1B Gold, 200M Daru, 8 10-packs of Lv. 6 Crystaloids, 200 Lv. 5-9 Gem Packs, Lv. 1 Emperor's Wings, Lv. 1 Emperor's Seal, Lv. 1 Emperor's Clothes, Lv. 1 Crowning Glory, White Alpaca Card, Snow Lynx Card, Hawkstrider Card, Ice Fang Card, 1000 Guild Chests, 10 Large Runestones, 10K Soul Crystals, 3 Warrior Rune packs, 3 Archer Rune Packs, 3 Mage Rune packs, 1 Ancient Rune pack, 8 5-packs Lv. 70 Legendary Stones, 36 31-Day Vip, 36 31-Day Spirit Covenant,and finally 1 Radiant Rose.

    These gift packs have been thought out of every detail right down to a world CHAMPION making 1M dollars to a LORD DIVINE amassing 200M people. Every Detail is perfect making it the perfect choice for every gamer, this should have loads of return purchasers by far.

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    Prolly that not gonna happen in the near future
    Your worst nightmare .
    Azazael - S20


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      Those wont happen ever as 10,000$ is 1 million balens which is half of what your giving in balens alone in that pack. not to mention the gem packs worth about 100,000$ or more lol and the emperor wings cost 15,000$ to make lol


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        love you gift packs, just love them