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Great ideas for troops and other tidbits

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  • Great ideas for troops and other tidbits

    In the troop screen I noticed you have a panel that's locked that panel should be unlocked at lvl. 40 and you should be able to have two more new troops then they can adjust a three way formation. Also the lvl. 60 troops should be dragons and cherubims. The Dragons should have a MATK breath attack that hits a horizontal row and a PATK that hits one enemy the breath attack should be a special. Cherubims should hit a horizontal row with MATK or heal the entire party with a special attack. Lvl. 70 should be Seraphims and Demons. Seraphims will heal the entire party as a basic attack and hit the entire enemy party with a special attack. Demons should hit a vertical row as a basic attack and hit the whole enemy party as a special attack. Also there should be a level cap for troops and the troops can only go to the level that they are acquired in the barracks. The homestead should allow you to change classes and should have an armory for storing 4 pages like the personal inventory. The farm's last three spots should give a multiplying yield if their farm is upgraded to lvl. 3 then the crops should yield 130% and have a 85% of the growth time. For a level 7 farm they should yield 170% and have 65% of the growth time. Finally they still need lvl. 80-90 dungeons and 90-100 dungeons for single player plus five more events for MP dungeons. Single player Duel in arena and group Duel. Group Duel is the one player Duel they have now. Single Duel is Knight vs. Knight or Knight vs. Mage but with no troops just manno a manno.
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    level 80.. that's way too far away for a feature.
    Make it at level 65+ or something so players can actually customize it more.

    What I think would be better is it changes one of the Troop to another Troop of your choice (meaning you have 1 of each different Troops) - this leaves the Formation alone (where it counts both troops as one placement)
    If you leave one slot empty, it'll just be like current troops (2 same ones)
    However, since all Troops varies in strength... I don't really think anyone would use a Lv.35 Gryphon with a Lv.70 Templar... not even if the Gryphon is leveled to 70, it will only have like 50% stats of Templar, meaning Gryphon can be easily one shoted by any level 70 player.

    Dragons --- That's interesting, however... will it's MATK and PATK be same attack rate? since it's doing both MATK and PATK.
    Cherubims --- An upgrade to Angel? LOL

    Seraphim --- Heal as basic? This means this troop will be healing 75% of the times (that's more than Angels)
    Demons --- So it's basic is Knight's special and gets an AoE attack

    Homestead, what Job? do you mean switching Classes? or is it something else?

    Storage/Armory would be nice, it would be less dependent on Guild Vault (which many Guilds don't really upgrade it until it's the last ones, since Shop and Skill are much more important)
    And less dependent on using Vouchers to open Bag Space and dump more into Land Upgrade or Resets.

    Farm's last 3 spots... should be kept the same as all other plots of land.

    Making it give 700% would be way too much.

    4500 x 8 = 36,000 gold x 18% = 42489 x 700% = 297,360 gold
    Even more for EXP
    8400 x 8 = 67,200 exp x 18% = 79296 x 700% = 555,027 Exp

    EVERY HOUR... now if someone plays 8 hour a day non-stop (because there are...)
    That's up to 2,378,880 gold or 4,440,576 exp

    You now don't even need to do any World Boss or Multiplayer Dungeons, LOL.

    Dungeons and MPDs will always be upgraded as level cap increases. (there's no need to suggest it)