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R2 GAMES appeal, Knights are waaaay underpowered.

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    Originally posted by R222344406 View Post
    Dear R2 guys. Could you please nerf archers and mages or improve the knights.

    Case1: In world boss events top 10 damage dealers there are always about 70-80% arhers and 20-30% mages. I have never seen a knight there ... no matter how pumped.

    Case2: "But knigts have armor!!!" ** all the other classes have ways of dealing with that ... while there is no way to improve knigtses damage (i use the word knigt on purpose .... as all they are missing are 2 coconuts to be 100% ridiculous). Also the agoran shield is usualy auto defeat if you use it... it should either be a bit better or removed as it is only a waste of resources.

    Case3: Because of this MOST people would pick archers ... if they were not so metro looking (male archers look like arrogant, high class ga ys i even the hand gesture is reeeealy snobby). Because they are so OP (with many mass damage effects).

    Case4: 3 knights can NEVER beat 3 equivalent archers .... there is just no way.

    Case5: Archers & mages can live wqithout nights in their party .... knights alone a ****.

    R2 GAMES, pleeeeeeease do something about this ... its just crazy to have 1 class so handicapped. That or change the archer portrait ... so we can live with it .... and we will all just pick archers and have a mono-army.

    People what do you think ... leave your opinions, comments & responses below.
    Lol knights are the most powerful pvp class. They own both mages and archers after level 60. Archers are weakest. Its been proven already with data. You are either too low level or don't know how to play your knight right.


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      guess host's knight is under lv55, you'll know how op is the knight in late game. It's the strongest class now. mage
      has low pdef and hp, there's no way for a mage to kill a knight. Also, Knight beats archer easily, because knight has high patk and pdef. There's no way for an archer to beat a knight unless you have 5k higher br than the knight or more.


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        Yeah .... no way to kill a knight that`s why i always chose knights over mages to kill ...


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          Originally posted by ElusionM View Post
          Lol? Slow leveling is not the way to go if you wanna be big and strong. That'll just make you stronger against others your level
          That's the point of it, to be strong on your level. Personally, me and my bro never cared about those high levels since by the time we level up that high, they are GENERALLY retired and it is our time to shine! Also, how often are low levels get to fight with much higher levels?
          GB - 3x a week that's IF you are always set as participant in every gb.
          ARENA - few times if no available players within your level range. Our team even won on some few level 55s when our team consist of 2 level 49s and a level 43. And because of this we earn lots of insigs for our level 50 pve set and already bought level 50 epic shards when others hardly have this insigs on their 50s level.
          CLASS WAR - that's only a once a month event LMAO. Lowbies can live without it, if rich just wage. Besides, usually the heaviest of heavy cashers of all will win (especially for knights and archers).
          BG - NEVER, even with the new bg brackets.

          Anyway, back to topic. As a mage my instict tells me that it is more difficult to deal with knight like this
          Click image for larger version

Name:	abu.JPG
Views:	2
Size:	176.5 KB
ID:	1671765

          than an archer like this
          Click image for larger version

Name:	qa.JPG
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Size:	215.3 KB
ID:	1671766

          Because as you can see the knight has higher mdef and hp with decent patk. Not to mention if he use his shield I will have 0 damage on him for turns and he may heal if he block. Bottom line is, as always being told to those who have nothing to do but whine about other classes, BUILD YOUR TOON PROPERLY. Don't ask for easy kill and additional advantage on other classes.
          Last edited by rheasteer; 07-17-2013, 06:31 PM.