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Sugggestions For Improving The Flow Of Game Play In Wartune

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  • Sugggestions For Improving The Flow Of Game Play In Wartune

    Dear Beloved Players of All Wartune Servers and Game Developers,

    I have thought over and over again of the many kinds of things that Wartune seems like it may be lacking in terms of giving the players the best gaming experience possible.

    And after much processing of thoughts and brainstorming, I couldn't help but come up with the following suggestions for better game improvement.

    Please tell me if any of the following sounds reasonable enough to you. Thank you, I greatly appreciate your feedback/comments on this.

    A Trade Shed. Homestead does not seem like an appropriate name for a place to be called as a Trade Shop.
    Pay Gold to post something up for some Balens. It can be equipment you collect from mpds (multiplayer dungeons), Astrals, Gems, Loids, etc.

    And an XP Bank.
    Use the XP you have to swap resources so that you can get some Gold, Kyanite, and or Daru if needed as a last resort. Plus, you can stay at a low lvl or something too. Might be helpful too in terms of plundering because the higher the lvl you go, hard to find someone to plunder.
    Only can plunder those within 10 lvls of you, I guess.
    And not to mention it avoids the hassel of lvling up to get equipment you may not think you can get so easily too. :/

    And I would like TW (Tank Wars) more than just twice a day, why can't it be like same time as BG?
    Tank Trials name does not seem to suit it as great as Tank Wars or TW does.
    Plus, it should be 2 attempts as well like it is for BG.

    TW just as important because we all need Runes from it!!
    And, you should get 5 devotion also from just being in TW too just like how they have it for Entering Spire under the Daily Tasks!!

    Plus, we would all appreciate some additional ways of getting Free Balens than just watching Youtube Videos for very little Balens.
    Submitting valid information about oneself like home address is not worth the effort to be tricked in believing in false hope to get that many Balens as listed. Giving away credit card information to those Offers provided is not that great either, there's always a catch to that. Signing up and registering for a website is useless, your e-mail inbox will get flooded with tons of mails that will need to be put in Spam/Junk Folder. Oh downloading the games leaves viruses and such behind on the PC and then makes playing Wartune with even more lagging than ever before!!

    Speaking of lagging in the game and even when one clears the cache from their browser, why is the game still freezing up and giving everyone a big black screen? Please do not say your Internet Service needs to be changed or you need a better router when it is the responsibility of the Game Developers and Crew to fix this problem that ALL THE PLAYERS ARE HAVING!! The people that have made this game are to deal with issues like this because only they can do something about the lag, we players cannot. All we can do is complain, wait, and hope it gets fixed. However, sadly it never is. Due to that many players are frustrated and agitated to the point that they end up quitting. Even the big guns or VIP Players will without a shadow of a doubt quit because the gameplay is very slow, takes out too many hours of their day when they have other things in the real world going on.

    Right, and common sense will tell you that when you do listen to suggestions and follow through with them, everyone is happy. Players would want to stay in the game and pay for it because why? BECAUSE THEN IT IS WORTH THEIR TIME TO ACTUALLY PUT AN EFFORT TO PLAY AND STAY IN THIS GAME!!

    Game Developers if you are even reading this, you have to ask yourselves, what can we do to make this game fair for everyone involved?
    How can we work with their suggestions and really truly make this MMPORG Game that epic so that it puts all other online games to shame?
    Thus, gaining popularity is one thing. But, for gaining popularity for the right reasons will boost success rates for all the people.

    The very best gaming experience comes from the players and how they comment on certain aspects of the game. But, it is all in the hands of the Game Developers to be more considerate to the players overall.

    Yes, we do appreciate the Events you have given time and time again, but there are few things I would like to highlight about that.

    In Events where you have to collect something to get something else like Clothing, please make it be able to be purchasable when the Event Ends and post those items in the Shop to buy using Balens. This gives players a chance to get the Clothes they want when they fell behind with obtaining the needed amount of material to get what they want while the Event went on. I'm sure that we all are dying to get the more cooler looking clothes that we see in the Dressing Room. Please provide us with Events where we can all have a fair chance of obtaining them. Based off of having more clothes to choose from, we each want to make our characters a certain way to be distinct in a way.

    A thing that has been brought to my attention is in terms of logging into the game to start off with. Why should it have to be made that if you enter your password wrong after 5 attempts used, you have to wait 15 minutes to get back in? Seems like a time consuming move added to the game,I can tell you that much. It clearly is not necessary to that in there. Other online games that I have played don't tell you how many log in attemptsyou can use up, then there is a time period of waiting, and after that time period expires then and only then can you log back in and start playing the game with your friends.

    Titles are another thing that have crossed my mind.

    Why is it that after the Patch 1.6 Update that their color texts have become gray in appearance? Why not make it more colorful, attractive, and more noticeable so that players can compliment each other more? Please try to bring that feature back to us.

    Could there be a slight possibility of getting the Daru that was used for the weaker Troops in the Barracks back? So that way it can help with upgrading the more newer ones like Templars and Warlocks? Also, how about in terms of Kyanite too if it was used for the wrong Technologies that were not beneficial to them? For example, players starting out may not know what they need to improve more on in terms of what class they have to choosen to play as for their character. Please kindly try to find a way to reimburse us and return that Daru/Kyanite back to us. We would really be grateful and would overwhelmingly appreciate it.

    New Title suggestions I would like to make are: 1) If you get 1st place in TW, a Title such as Tank Terror or Tank Terrorist should be provided, 2) Ifyou get a certain number of wins due to having a winning TW Team, perhaps some Title like Talented Tanker could be given, 3) Fantastic Friendly Farmer or some other genius name could be given for those that did the most energizing of a friend's Tree of Ancients, weeded out their crops, took out the worms, as well as doing the reviving on dead plants, 4) In terms of Astrals, maybe a term like Red Astral Master can be given to the one that has Red Astrals in their slots, 5) Maybe a Title like The Legend can be provided to players who have the full Legendary Set Equipment, 6) A Title such as Plunder Fester can be given to the one that does the most plunders. 7) Last but not least, as most players are beating lvl 100 of Catabombs, maybe some clever Title can be given other than Spelunker for completing it more than once. For instance, if they have beaten lvl 100 of Catabombs at least 100 or more times, they could be given the Title Expert Catacomber.

    In terms of doing the WB and or World Boss, several times depending on the dmg and or damage done like 0.30%, 0.60%, & 0.90% players were awarded with Soul Crystals. That was a really nice aspect of the game. Because due to that, it prompted more players whether low lvl or not to actually partake in WB while also getting Daru/G along with 5 devotion from Daily Tasks. Please try to bring that part back into the game.

    With getting Astrals each day, please try to lessen the chances of getting many Misfortunes and raise the probability rate of getting more higher type of Astrals. Also, even as one goes to the Astral Menu to see what Astrals you have, may the Astrals that were collected on the previous screenbe automatically collected on the following screen after clicking on the bottom where it says Astrals. Please try to bring back the animation of the Astrals that all the players have on them when peoples speculate on the Astrals equipped. For me, I'm a very visual person and I'm sure many otherplayers are too, we would like to see the appearance of those Astrals because when we try to buy them we may or may not remember the name ofthat Astral but moreso on how it looks. Please do let the Astrals be seen upon clicking on Inventory, perhaps a good way to do that would be this. On the left-side there can be a feature to see the Astrals besides always having to click on Astrals at the very bottom right hand side of the game and then clicking once again on the Astrals to see what you have. And then on the right side underneath the jewelry the player has equipped on their Hero upon clicking on Inventory could just have the Clothing Tab feature there as it is now. So, please add the Astrals to be viewed much easier with visuals on the left-side bottom next to Medal upon clicking on the Inventory.

    I humbly would like to thank each and every one of you that may have read this whole thread through. Thank you very much for your time, patience, and effort on having to read and hear what I had to say on this Topic Title: Sugggestions For Improving The Flow Of Game Play In Wartune.

    Hope you have a wonderful day/night upon playing Wartune. (^_^)

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    Who read through all this?

    1. Rewards for WB (Soul Crystals) should be a rare event. Otherwise, players would level up their soul engraving level quickly.

    2. More times for Tank Trials. Okay. Even though they just added in 1 extra time recently.

    3. Title. Meaningless. More if you want.

    4. Trade, no.

    5. XP Bank. Good idea.
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      i blame mall....


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        Good suggestions. Might not hurt 2 condense the info a bit more. Too much reading for my taste. lol.


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          we want trade, yes ( did not read your suggestion, only comments ) and write this to 7road the website is they created this game, they may implement in the next patch for Chinese version the we can get it. and dont waste your valuable suggestion her(if you think) r2 is going to send your suggestion if they like to 7road and take the credit for them self. send them first then post it here for suggestion (my opinion)