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  • About World chat

    Good Day/evening or night to those who read this post. I am here to suggest about able to remove posting restictions of world chat posting, as in, be able to make world chat free. Now bear in mind world chat is a useful resource, it is used for recruitment for multiplayer dungeons, it is a viable source for communication for other players and Is a way for newer players to be able to ask for assistance. Although we are limited to one thing: Bullhorns in inventory. Now, in most MMO's regional chat is free for players to use, it is great for communication over different instances, and in a game such as wartune, where instances are rather small, it does fragment a good amount of communication used in our "Current" chat. Given so, World chat is a players best option only until they realize they are limited to 10 posts and then the ammount of bullhorns one has in their inventory, which if you were to try and chat in world chat, it would expend quickly. Now this is better than before which was only limited to what bullhorns you had in your inventory, and it gave a more social chance to F2P players, but it simply is not enough. Free world chat is required, see it's not only for conveninience, Wartune is surprisingly a little socially deprived due to that, since current chat is a little underwelming, guild chat is only useful if your guild is active, and party chat is too small, making the user feel deprived of communication in an MMO which is not suppose to be that way, MMO's are supposed to be social at best. And wartune, it's not so much given we are limited to a few posts and then whatever bullhorns we own. Which is a bit restrictive in that case, and it's not supposed to be that way. I can agree with large bullhorns, but world chat should be there for a free mode of communication, not a limited source of communication. I hope you can understand and do give the users a much needed free world chat.

    TL;DR: I wish to suggest a free world chat cause currently it's a little restrictive and can be crippling to newer players such a restriction, not to mention it's also to make world chat a source of communication unlike the graveyard it can be sometimes.
    Yeah, it does seem needed.
    Nah, I'm good with how it is now.
    It dosen't matter much to me.
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    They used to give all players 5 bullhorns a day.
    Many players had save up to 500+ bullhorns (as they're also obtained from other rewards)

    But they changed it to 10 Free a day before you have to start using bullhorns.

    BTW, most F2P MMO's world chat always require some sort of World Chat Cash Shop item.
    (however most of them are used to talk across all channels on a server)
    The ones that don't require is normal chat, region chat, party chat, guild chat, friend chat and maybe trade chat that's within 1 channel.
    But most F2P MMO also have multiple channels and servers, while this game have no channels.


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      I believe I mentioned that somewhere in my post about it before being that way before, and I know I made some slip ups in my original post I meant regional, not actual world chat, my mistake for that.


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        World chat is free in 7Road's version of wartune.
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          I agree with the first post. And Condor's last before this. If 7Road who made this game available in the first place has the foresight to understand that world chat needs to be open, why can't we adopt that with our own? This isn't asking for a ground breaking update, or for features they have that we don't that alter the game in large and small ways, this is simply asking for the ability to chat freely. It already exists, we just can't do it. Please unlock it, rather than keeping out the trolls or the spam, it's preventing a large number of players who play socially largely to be able to speak unless they're in the same guild. Longtime players, high levels, people working toward level 8 and 9 astrals etc, you realize how long that takes to get there? What are we to do in the meantime, just speak to our guild like elitists? It'd be nice to be able to talk to other people in other guilds without having to be in a guild battle, or arena, or dungeon or cross server, with a limited window to do it in, and our attention needing to be elsewhere.

          That's just my two cents. I love the game and support all the efforts R2 staff makes for us to enjoy it in a healthy and happy manner, I just would love to see people able to be trusted without bullhorns. In another R2 game, Broken Realm, it's free... and people aren't abusing the privilege that I can see there either.

          Thanks for a chance to give input.
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