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Armor suggestions wartune

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  • R222261526
    started a topic Armor suggestions wartune

    Armor suggestions wartune

    sorry if this has been brought up before, but I'm a bit too lazy to go trough over 100 pages.

    Not many wartune players want to / can buy clothing for their characters, so as of the armors than can be found in dungeons

    could it be possible for them to actually CHANGE and not just their color or one thing taken away from the same costume its difficult and sure cost for the makers

    but a little change would be nice, games art is enjoyable wich is why when nothing,not even armors change much, it can get a bit boring at times.

    I noted that only knights(female) had pants at one point, couldnt they come to others too? different kind of armor makes their characters stand out witch is nice.

    males armors, are nothing special either even tough they are nice but you often note yourself to wonder where your character is in the horde of other same armored ones.

    it is just a suggestion, but it would be nice to see more armor choices.

  • R222261526
    Yeah, or like something you can gain by doing some bounties or if there sometime comes new mini *stages* to do in wartune.

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  • ElusionM
    Different looks would be nice. But everyone is pretty standard in the equip they use.

    35 PVP
    45 PVP
    55 PVP
    40 PVE
    50 PVE
    60 PVE

    Those are the only ones people end up wearing. To change the look, you'd need to change the sets, perhaps something along the lines of rarer quality and greater stats?
    Perhaps when synthing the items, you can get a green (common) blue (uncommon) purple (rare) Orange (legend) quality.
    Green would have the stats we are currently having, blue might have +10 to each stat and +10 for each enchant Purple could be +25, Orange could be +50?
    and the looks could be different. =) Only way I see it being done

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