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few suggentions

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  • few suggentions

    Hello, i have a few suggestions to improve the game:
    1. When using Suntoria in the battle the little icon of suntoria looks like a Restoration skill, its a little confusing, please change it;
    2. Please put on top of the buff the numbering how many turns it will last;
    3. I am from Ukraine, and its very difficult to make a vip, can you make somekind of payment from my country;
    4. About blitz, is it possible to change the fee, from the beggining - to the end of blitz, because when anyone started the not the one blitz, accidentally, so there was a chance to change it;
    5. Will you make mount skills in the game? It will make the game more interesting, people wont choose by the look of the mount, they will think what skill do they need,
    6. Could you make, when clicking on the character name in the chat, it can also invite in to current party;
    7. Please fix the skill bug, when using holly seal or delpihic thunder, or thunderer, it can miss a turn to hit.
    Thank you for your attention.
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    uhm... Im no comment for other, but number 7.
    That one not bug, but it casting time that on work.
    Holy seal had the longer casting speed from all. Same thing with other delphic and thunderer. Even meteor had longer casting speed compare to rof.
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      1. Yeah, a slightly different look would be a good idea.
      2. Another good idea, instead of hovering would be nice.
      3. Use one of the girls you smuggle to make the payment.
      4. What if you cannot afford the fee?
      5. Could be interesting, another gold sinkhole or balen sinkhole. But non cashers would miss out too much I think, so I don't like it
      6. I like this one. Makes it easier to invite
      7. This is normal, they are the high rage, high damage skills, or in Holy seals case the stun... These take longer to use. It's not a bug.