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lag caused by r2 servers

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  • lag caused by r2 servers

    i think lag is caused by r2 servers inability to process high amount of active players at a single time, because lag is maximum at the times of battle ground and world boss this is sickening, it takes more than 3 min to load,by the time i enter the battle ground i would be in escape, and with the increase in server merges has also contributed to this. reason i think its not my internet connection is because whenever i download something i get speed of 200KB(kiloBYTES) so its definitely not my internet, (i dont download while i play, rule that out), its not my browser i use chrome,
    the new pattern is when ever lag extends for more than 3-4 min it shows network disconnected. (which actually does not occur) i know i have to put up ss i will eventually do that.

    this image was taken at time of world boss
    Click image for larger version

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    Not for anything, but you say you have "200KB(kiloBYTES)" download? That I would guess you have a 2mb/? connection what is your upload? 2mb download is really poor.

    I allso can see from your screenshot you are using Windows XP, what is your PC spec.?

    But Im quite sure the problems are with you


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      13mb download and running a 3.4 quad core 16gb ram pc n still lag lol


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        BrixunMortar he is talking about 3-4min lag spike's! do you have that?

        There will allwayes be a little lag here and there, it is in every game.

        Im on a i7 16Gb Ram and a 50/50mb fiber and rearly see any lag. Basically only time is in Guild Battle/Arena waiting on the other team, but that is not R2 or my fault the opponents a are lagging.


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          I have 40MB net, 3,2 quad core, 32 gb ram and also lag during wb, bg, arena even mp's, its r2 not me, im pretty sure,I heard fom others from our server with high end pc's/net they also lag sometimes.