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extra honor delay

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  • extra honor delay

    I had this problem for many days and I finnaly came up with something. Lately i kept getting honor capped in max 2 bgs, even in 1 if there was a guild battle that day. So basicaly all other bgs were useless to me, maybe only to get for grimm reaper title, but that is not really an improvement in the game play.

    So my suggestion is as follows: Make a honor delay cap that adds the following day when u went over the 3k, but with a lower ammount of honor gained. For ex, if u get 3k honor, and another 1k over the cap, the 1k can be halfed and gained the other day, or even a quarter of it. Honor should be added only from one day to another, and not with the same ammount of honor gained (as I said half, maybe a quarter, even 10% would be nice), it is pretty easy to get to 6k-7k honor if doing all bgs and even gb, so it kinda needs to be a lower ammount than what u gained.. as I am sure u want ppl to play daily and not once in 2 days

    This would make bgs a lot more interesting, ppl would try to catch them all to have a day off to say so. Very helpfull if 1 day you can catch all bgs and next day u can only catch 1 or none even, so you get a bit of the cap as well for the next one. also it helps cashers and noncashers in the same measure

    Hope u enjoy the idea, feedback is always nice to have.

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    Honor cap is there for a reason.
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      I had 3k/3k honor for the past 2 months.. so i am not complaining because I cant hit the cap, I would just like to have a reason to do all bgs, and not only 2/day


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        You don't need to do all BGs per day! Get your kills, get your shards, get your 6k honor...and then go live a life outside this game perhaps?


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          I'd love to have for instance 5k honor cap, not 3k lol