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Some Suggestions

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  • Some Suggestions

    Hello all

    So... I was talking me and some players in game " WT "

    And we found out that we need some new updates

    Like :

    " We really need this one "

    1*- Trading System " Something like trading the following :

    A - Coins

    B - Items

    C - Daru

    Etc... " This one would be very useful for us as we need items to trade~buy them from players with gold ~ daru etc ..
    or the guild's master's can help the members by gold or something it would be very good thing to do ^_^ "

    2*- Server Center " Place where all the players can met up and talk with each other "

    3*- Shop " Each lvl I get, the items of the shop change's to my lvl .. Sure it will be stronger than my items that is lower in lvl but

    it won't be stronger than Balens and question items but its something the players can use

    I hope that the admins can use those suggestions

    Thanks for reading
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    Trading... been suggested at least a thousand times now... will it happen? donno, cause R2 might decide to be what they're already now and make players "buy" instead of trade.

    Server Center... I donno, might cause mass lag like when you see bunch of ppls at World Boss or Guild Battle.

    Shop... sounds like you're suggesting an alternative Voucher Shop (or Chinese's Lock Balen) but with Mystery Shop's system where you can buy things like Lv.0 Wing, Gems, some random purple equip (non-set), refine crystals etc with Voucher or Gold. (instead of balen/points)
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      Well trading isn't that bad idea we all need that system in the game

      server center won't make that much lag cuz there would not be a boss or a monster or anything in there to make such a lag

      about the shop vouchers and gold is always better than buys balens at least you get a chance to survive against the VIP / balen's players
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        They have trade on ******** ... and the miracle no bugs on that version .. but meh ) my bad that i made friends here ...btw you can buy all with balens so no loss for r2 ..and 80% of items are bound so you cand sell synth items.


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          Yup, and all Seeds they have for Farm are buy-able with Gold, no Balen needed.

          Wish I had research beforehand about this game... but my bro started playing and wanted me to join into same server...

          A-Games gives 30% more Balen on Recharge (IE: recharging 1000 balen grants you 1300 balens)
          D-Saga gives less reward, but also have 25% less Balen cost (IE: wings cost 1500)
          G-Fuse gives out special contest events that rewards everyone and not just cashers (IE: they give out Balen as rewards) (A-Games sometimes also have this)

          There are some other Hosts out there not associated/partnered with R2, but they have almost the same set ups as R2.

          As said many times before, R2 is one of the most expansive Wartune Host out of all Hosts, mainly because R2 keeps on coming up with ways to obtain as much money as possible regardless of what players thinks (IE: Class War).
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            Originally posted by symedia View Post
            They have trade on ******** ... and the miracle no bugs on that version .. but meh ) my bad that i made friends here ...btw you can buy all with balens so no loss for r2 ..and 80% of items are bound so you cand sell synth items.
            We need it on Wartune ... and balens = $$ what if I don wanna pay for my fun just become as good as you if am normal ?
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