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Server VS Server WAR (Entire server VS Entire server)

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  • Server VS Server WAR (Entire server VS Entire server)

    I've been thinking about this, this would be the same as BG, but on a larger scale, much larger.
    Gives servers the chance to see who is really 'The Best.'

    What do you think?
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  • GingerTheHutt
    If all active players work out how much time they have played (in days), and how much money they have spent (in dollars), and then multiply those two figures together. Then take that total and add it to everyone elses total for their server.

    The server with the highest total will win.

    It'll probably be an older server...

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  • R28881593
    this has been suggested before, please search the forums
    Last edited by R28881593; 07-20-2013, 02:28 AM.

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  • CondorHero
    The whole game will either lag or crash.

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  • R29228555
    This Raid will smash their own servers it will be fun but i guess it wont happen

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