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Set lv 30

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  • Set lv 30

    Hi all !
    I want to ask which is the best set for lv 35+? set from blacksmith or arena 35
    I have now lv 32 and i want to know in wich one to invest money
    And 1 more question at set from arena that ignore 1000 mdef means i will give 1000 more damage ? it is avaible for all mobs or players? i mean if it ignores to all or just one of them
    sry for my bad english

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    Go with 35 set.


    • #3
      and the damage thing how that goes?


      • #4
        If you get the full 35 set from the arena shop, you'll have some additional stats that boosts your br, strength etc.
        Nothing you have to do for that, just to get the full set.
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          Dont go for pve till you get 50v


          Crit Mage 80v
          ~135k Br



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            all right thx for answering
            i have i more problem with skills i don't know what to do
            My skill set look like that
            light lv 3
            rain lv 3
            heart lv 2
            mana master lv 3
            restoration suntoria healing lv 1
            castinator meteor lv 1
            i have lv 33
            i should change it or keep them? and if i shloud keep them on which skill i have to put next points
            sry for my bad english