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Toon unresponsive during Class War.

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  • Toon unresponsive during Class War.

    I rarely have lagging issues, and when I do, things just slow down for a brief moment and return to normal. But during Class War this week, my toon was, during three rounds, unresponsive for a good portion of the those rounds. During these rounds, the ability to cast was not there. My toon would do default fireballs, but attempts to engage a skill resulted in a brief flash of the skill above toon's head, but no skill cast. After about 4 turns, my toon can then cast. This is somewhat upsetting since i almost lost to very weak opponent, and in another round lost to opponent that might have defeated. Consequently, i may have lost my chance at the top 100. Have others experience the inability to cast skill in CW?
    Jeffobob74, formerly Neal

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    Couple of guildies had it happen last month, and 1 had it happen this month. Not sure what the problem or fix is.


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      I'm rather sure there were more people having that issue. Came across a few 'AFK' people myself.

      Name: MissFuture.
      Class: Mage - lvl 66 || 72k BR.
      Guild: GodsOfWar.
      Server: (S207) Shard Crater.


      Name: ·R♥S·.
      Class: Knight - lvl 49 || 30k br

      Guild: FairyTail.
      Server: (S412) Hammerfall Forrest.


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        Heard a cpl guildies mention this myself. Initially i thought high lvl amnesia rune but it seems to have happened much too often to be that.


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          if you hit the skills before the battle screen loaded, you will sometimes has that issue.
          yes, i know that hitting skills when the screen is still black help casts it faster, but would you risk it in the class war?
          Originally posted by Wraithraiser
          Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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            got same issue during Class War this week
            Luckyâ„¢ s63 archer