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reward after Guild Battle

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    Originally posted by ShiKKihS View Post
    jaber you really are a noob

    im guessing you are refering to the guild chest w/c the master decides who to give out. and maybe in your master's kind of distribution is regarding who has the gb top 10 gb pts in a week or in a battle..

    as for the participants per battle..everyone gets +10 whips, all 50 of them.

    there are 3 ways to get whips in related to GB:
    1. if a win, all participants gets 10 whips
    2. after GB finals (depends on what rank your guild finishes
    3. guild chest, number of chest depends on guild rank after finals (each chest gives 30 whips)

    the only way that i can see a +10whips is on participant of a winning guild, and as far as i know.. EVERYONE in list receives 10 whips. have you ever tried to be in the participant list? lol
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      Originally posted by jaberwacky21 View Post
      if ur telling me that all participant will gain the +10whips regardless if their in the top 10 or not as long as their in the winning guild that will be proven my tom..

      i will use again my low lvl accnt entering GB just to prove in.

      i will tell u that ive done this before.
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