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    Originally posted by FireKatz View Post
    There are complaints. There are many people leaving the game because of it and after all the money these people have put in and the time they have taken on their 'own' accounts, why should they have to go look for another? It isn't a race to see who can take ownership of the best account, it is about building up your own. And with the server merges, in some cases, the only hope some of them have is that some of these people leave for a while to give them a chance to catch up.

    Rules are there for a reason, not to be overlooked just because a few people like taking shortcuts and claiming something not their own.
    Tho... those "Rules" can be broken if you're playing on Kongregate due to their own VIP system (where ppls with VIP can bypass certain Rules due to "benefits")

    For R2... not sure, but I do know they rarely take action (even tho they DO reply you with answers, but they will always say "we're sending this to the proper department and they will access the proper action needed to be taken" which usually is never taken)

    The only times these actions are taken is if it's actually affecting the entire game play or there are multiple reports from different player/IP/account, etc etc.


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      So ...... I guess if I go out and find whatever scripts all these people talk about to get gold and balens and start using that, since R2 doesn't enforce their own rules, I guess that would catch me up to some of the ones cheating..........

      Same thing.......a rule is a rule, it is there for a reason. And if they enforce one, they should enforce them all. Not pick and choose which ones they want to enforce or who they want to let get away with breaking those rules.


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        Well to me rules are rules and if one rule is enforced they all should be....But personally in my opinion(which I
        m sure has no meaning to R2) nothing will be done because the one's doing this are big spenders.It's all ** when you have screen shoots and report it and nothing ever get's done.Yeah we are going to "FORWARD" this matter to the right department which means the I don't give a hoot department and long as we make money department......
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          The ones they took over were the big spends, now they just trying to keep up. It's all a bunch of **.


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            Alright, enough is enough. We've tried explaining nicely and clearly how things are done around here.
            If you refuse to cooperate with the Mods and such, then there is nothing to discuss, any further.
            Once you learn respect around here instead of calling everything **, then we can talk.
            Until then, this thread will now be closed.
            The Terms of Service can be viewed HERE and since you all agreed upon the Terms of Service when creating an account, you are liable for any punishment if caught violating the Terms of Service.

            As for the rest of you, have a great day.
            The King doesn't fall so easily boys