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    Originally posted by sporkman View Post
    A quick bump with the intent to get a few nae's, or yae's, on the ideas that are listed within this post. Also to get a little explanation of how these suggestions actually get sent/read by the ones who make the decisions on whether to implement.

    Basically Bumping for feedback from those that can make it happen.
    Be careful with wording.

    Forum rule:
    5. Powerposting, spamming, bumping, and flaming will result in the post being removed without any further notice.
    Wartune's Cookie is retired. In game drama and Cashing is outrageous. Enjoy peeps!

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      I think the Bumping for rule is made for "double (or more) posts made by same person one after another within a short amount of time"

      That's what most other forum's have it as. Not sure what's R2's detail tho.

      (tho the above rule may be R2's "powerposting" which I haven't heard before)


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        Thank you for letting me aware of the rules. Im fairly new to the threads. I try not to "bump,repost,etc too often for just that reason.


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          Great Idea, I work night shift. I've worked almost a year on my toon. Give me something to do at night, or allow me to transfer my char to another server!

          Just put limits on the activities, ie 5 wb but only 3 attempts.
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            +1 for this


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              Originally posted by sporkman View Post
              Id like to suggest having events going on "around the clock". This is meaning don't just stop everything at 2100 server, and restart at 900 server times.. For those of us that have invested time and money into a character before realizing that these events don't happen during our regular "on" times, or the fact that personal life/work changes... I'd like to see something happen at night.
              There are plenty of players at that time that would join in, and if the player support isn't there, then pull it back out, but at least give it a chance.

              I'd like to specifically see:

              -A world boss or two, Say 2400 and 0400.
              -Tank battles, 0900 (12 hours opposite the previous one)
              -BattleGround At 22/2300 and 02/0300
              -Maybe something else, Haven't figured out yet what.

              At least this isn't something that you're going to have to "rescript" anything for, just duplicate the same WB scripts, give it the same stats and if anything change the graphic/name. If you'd like you can limit the WB to 3 times a day for rewards. that way players that play 24 hours, aren't getting the full 5x WB's, they still would only get 3.
              As for the Battles, the battles are capped at 3000 honor / day and 2 rewarded attempts. so wouldn't matter there as far as "unfair/unbalanced"
              As for the Tank Battles, Same thing as the WB, just limit it to 1 time a day, for rewards.

              There will be more suggestions, but this is what I can think of for us "night shift-ers"


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