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  • Battlefields

    Getting very tired of wasting time in the battlefields when they are over-run with level 50 players and higher. They just sit at the exit of the gate and pick players off as they try to exit. You need to cap the battlefield to L45, then send these higher level players in their own battlefield with each other. Or at the very least limit their damage or give them some type of hindrance.

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    Their hindrance: Dryad Blessings.
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      dont go to battleground till u strong enough then
      imo, bg bracket fine for now
      Nubito the Super Noob Mage in The Badlands


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        Now that I think about it...

        We should also get bonus from KILLING Dryad Bombers.

        Since these Dryad Bombs keeps on trying to kill you with Dryads, we should get rewards for fighting the Bombs off.

        Where Dryad Bombers gets 200~400 extra honor from Bombing, we too should get something like 100~200 honor for fighting them off.


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          i rather put this like that . when someone gets more than level 2 dryad and keeps attacking , the dryad must be taken . I agree to be dryad to PROTECT yourself from the attack not when you attack on purpose. Some of the higher level players really works hard to get that xp and is not fair to get 35 honor from a lower player and after 3 kills , he comes and takes 400 honor from you. Doesnt simms logical to me.
          Usage of dryad is to protect not to attack.
          Just my point of view.
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