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  • Only an idea

    I dont know if anyone has posted this before but i was thinking this and its only my 2 cents here

    So why havent R2 Games, 7 Roads and whoever for "WARTUNE" gone to the next level already and made a game client that can connect to servers etc being realms like Europe, US, Asia and so forth = different GMT's, EST, PST, etcs that would be more interesting than having server merges due to the fact that you would have much more people to play with and having more quicker maintenance. There would be instantly less lag for many events like Guild Batlles, Arenas no need to keep cleaning cache, cookies and all that, For what they are carrying at the moment due to storage vs speed and capacity looks like they are battling ... you would have lot less complaining on lag issues, black screens, freezing, etc, if there is an update, people could just download the update like the rest updating the client, most importantly the cost being another factor for all the upkeep the developers would save $$$ then could even make things cheaper in the shop

    also i feel that the game is lacking the obvious based on its genre like a real armoury or magic foundry production plant in your city based on your class, city building for extra protection like walls etc maybe by adding a real animated blacksmith forge, example: like when you socket a gem to the weapons or armor it should imbue and glow the colour of the gems, forging new types of armour and even making luck stones should be more interesting and hey maybe even add a black market and bring in newer elements to replace the mystery shop and maybe add more expensive things, like more mounts, weapons, clothing, items, etc for the cost of balens making the normal balenors/cashers happier spending that $$$ and they should do something about the vouchers and make it more fo the non-balenors/cashers because apart from world boss events and maybe if you really desperate save up and upgrade the farms i find it useless really... Maybe they should even add an auction house, would be nice too

    The developers definately have the talent to design and paint minimal moving objects in high resolution colours but dont progress quick enough to keep many people interested anymore haha. If WARTUNE could perhaps adapt maybe even taking WARTUNE from 2.5D to 3D (just picture youreslf in your armors, wings, riding mounts or even doing your farms or fighting the more real World Bosses in full 3D, how cool would that be)
    I would like to see something like this for Wartune.
    Not 100% sure if that would be for me.
    My game is fine the way it is.
    Good Idea! They should employ the poster... HeHe
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    Imagine that not everyone have the resources of playing a Wartune in 3D . Yeah,is quite a good idea but think on another aspect. Most of cashiers dont invest in their pc`s and they spend some good cash in this game. A 3D version will make them quit . Most of them .
    Your worst nightmare .
    Azazael - S20


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      I see, you want Global-crossserver

      It might work, but there will be timezone issues for BGs and events. (like Class War, like 5pm of US is 5am of China)

      Merges are done so R2 can recycle their old server and send them out as new servers so ppls will be "boss" on them (IE: players pay lots of cash to be Top of new server, R2 spend almost nothing to recycle servers, R2 gain giant profit)

      For Issues... meh, R2 will mostly just do the same thing, recommend you to "clear/refresh" or get a 3rd party software that lets you play Wartune... R2 rarely fixes issues unless it affects mass players (more than 100 players) or it's related to Balen Sales (which gets fixed in under 15 mins...)

      Armor Glow might be interesting, tho I donno how you'll do that, since you can socket up to 3 gems on armor/weapon...

      They do add in new Cash Shop, and most of them are obtainable only by Heavy Cashers.

      As for Vouchers... we suggested before an Alternative Mystery Shop that uses Voucher before, but I think it got ignored cause the thread died.
      Not to mention the Chinese version have the same thinking as you, that's why they have Locked Balen (converted from voucher) that you can use to buy most things in Cash Shop.

      The Devs aren't that bad (maybe a bit too high on P2W side) but they're trying to improve...
      On the other hand... R2... LOL...
      It also depends on how fast R2 can help translate and convert Chinese info into English info.
      Which is also why R2 can control what to release and what not to release.

      Right now... Wartune's population is like 80% cashers, 20% non-cashers... That's actually quite low.
      It's basically like each server have 50 Cashers, 20 non-cashers (usually just before a merge)
      Whereas most other games... it's the other way around, like 50 Cashers, 200 non-cashers...

      This happens because the game is too P2W for non-cashers to play and compete, so most end up quitting.