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    Originally posted by anichaos View Post
    You can't beat the Dryad unless you hack the system to remove any Dryad the opposing have... LOL

    Lets me see you beat someone with 10x+ Dryad, than come back and say who's weak.
    (Screenshot or record a target you know will get Dryads)
    IE: see someone that might be low honor rank and will get lots of Dryads, take their picture of their stats.
    Such as a person with 700 strength
    Than wait until that person have obtain Dryad 10x
    Which would make that person's strength into 700 x 100% = 1400 strength
    Than go and challenge that person and see if you can win or not.
    This is to test if you do get attacked by a person with Dryad 10, will you win or not.

    Also, Everyone complaining is a fact, not a myth. IE: look around the forum.
    1. Why do you NEED to beat Dryads? It's in place for a reason and even if it does get abused sometimes the majority of the time it is used exactly as it is meant to be (for weaker players to have an opportunity for some honor).
    2. I can easily beat a person with 10x Dryads if my stats are 3 times that persons. The Dryads thing is completely RELATIVE to the persons BASE stats.
    3. There you go again using the word "fact". There are thousands of people playing this game. There are several DOZEN people like you who frequent the forums and complain about the game. Several dozen< Thousands therefore Everyone does NOT complain about BG/Dryads/3v3 Arena/CW etc. As a matter of fact the vast majority of players don't even READ or care about these forums.

    that is all
    S130 Dragonmar

    "If you can't take brutal honesty then you are speaking to the wrong person"
    "Touring guild at a time"