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First to get fully upgraded wings and cloths

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    Another irony about the above post.... See quote from link:
    "3) Jeffhawk and Evil Empire - Please, please get a life. Our world doesn't revolve around this game - we are and will continue to be number one guild because we treat our players with respect, help each other grow, and work as a team. So please stop with the petty and snide comments towards our members, especially Sinner. He has worked for what Jeffhawk, you have bought. You (and your pilots, I should add) should go back to enjoying the game in the spirit it was intended."

    Evil Empire just defeated Warlords yesterday for the first time in GvG finals since GvG was introduced. Guess less boasting and more cashing might help. And what a week for jeffhawk - class war victory, class war wager win, and GvG victory.


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      Serve em right for boasting...only to get their ***** pushed in.