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Pop Quiz Pdef vs Block

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  • Pop Quiz Pdef vs Block

    Hey, what's better for a mage?

    lv6 pdef red astral and lv4 block red
    lv4 pdef red astral and lv6 block red

    My build is MAtk, Crit rate, Crit dmg, pdef, block, will add mdef or goddess bless at 60.

    Focus is generic pvp & pve build.
    Have lv4 atk crit rate damage now, will work on those after using lv10 green to synth a new defense red. Have yellow defblock now.

  • #2
    Level 6 Red Pdef is definitely better, unless you don't have any Knights or Archers to worry about.
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    • #3
      Lvl6 pdef and lvl 4 block.
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      • #4
        So best upgrade path should be lv10 green on new pdef red for lv6, then work on matk to lv5, crit to 5, crit dmg to 5, matk 6 crit 6, dmg 6, then buy red block to 6?

        I can do that if that's best route.


        • #5
          Just my observation, holy fortitude drops easy for mage, get holy block if you're saving.
          If neither is red, level both to 7, you'll have enough points to buy red block with red fortitude in vault.
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