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holly seal at lvl 30+

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  • holly seal at lvl 30+

    How does a character level 65-69 have holly seal at lvl 30 +.I grew to lvl 67 and lvl seal 14.For level 15 I need only 4447726k by 15 to see how much experience have for level 30.15x4447726000 = 6671589310 how long it takes to gather as much experience,can you tell me?

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    Maxing talent to lvl before lvl up
    Using exp scrolls/events well
    High friend lvl in dungeons
    High VIP lvl

    Those are some of the ways to make it possible


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      Are you asking how much EXP you need to level to Holy seal 30?
      Or are you asking how much TIME you need to level to Holy Seal 30?

      Well, for EXP, you can use this:
      (scroll down to see EXP)
      (tells you at what level is Talent/Holy Seal capped at)

      For TIME... that depends, are you a casher with high level VIP?(up to 250% EXP gain) or just a regular player? (up to 50% EXP gain)
      How much Stamina do you get? Do you buy Stamina Pots? (400 Stamina max a day) or just a regular player? (160 Stamina max a day)

      Are you planing to stalk the game constantly to check on Bounty for Orange? or use the Refresh (balen) to find Orange? or just going to do whatever Bounty there is?

      Are you doing MPDs constantly? Spire?
      Attending Guild Tree of Ancient? Guild Alter?

      So it's pretty hard to see exactly how much time does it require to get how much EXP (since EXP gain differs from player to player depending on what they do)

      Usually you can get 10~15% of EXP (of your entire bar) a day from doing all dailies/ quests (as regular player)


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        i know some caracters( lord arven, pallugiants, endonessa ) we grew same time i make duels whit them,and now in a few days, they have seal level 24-30.explain that.


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          look at the "daily gain" or "weekly gain" in "player level" raking
          they probably win more XP than you so they can upgrade talent more often.
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            more often?if u look upper i calculate how much exp is necesary huge ammount in a few days is not posible