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    I think... We should be able to have a few seconds to DESIDE on whether we do NORMAL ATTACKS or attacks that use Rage and Manna, rather than Automatic... So we can build the rage for super special attacks and stuff. I think we should, also, be allowed up to 4 skill slots (Plus passive one) for MUCH more strategic advantages and strategies. The Leveling ammount of exp for level 30+ is a little much since it jumped from about 100,000 Exp to get from 29 to 30 to about 900,000 for 30 to 31... Maybe reduce that to 250k or 300k instead, and around 1mil EXP to get to lvl 33 or 34 instead, stuff like that. Also, maybe make it EASIER to get Firesouls, and lets None-VIP get 1 free Alchemize every-day, along with 1 free Dragon Soul Offering every day free for VIP0. Also, at least give people the chance to unlock VIP1 for free permanently, somehow, without having to pay since no one wants to waste a LOT of cash on a game to play.

    One final thing: Maybe make it so you can offer TONS of Firesouls to UPGRADE your Dragon Orbs, since it involves Dragons and their powers... Like 100 Dragon Souls to get +10 EXP on them instead... People in Guilds SHOULD be able to give others in the Guild Amethyst and stuff too as well... Along with reducing the ammount of EITHER Amethyst to get a contribution into the Guild to about 5,000 instead of 10,000 per Point, or reduce the costs of the stuff to around 50% or 60% instead. Having to pay 1,150 GOLD COINS to reset the CD for the Guild is a bit much as well.

    To have people with VIP3+ are good enough to run the group, but let people get a chance at earning some FREE GOLD COINS(Like Daily Log-In Bonuses every now and again) so they get a chance at it. Warriors should have up to 2 passive abilities instead of 1... All classes should like theres 3 passive abilities to choose from for a Warrior: Passive PDef and slight MDef Boost, Passive PAtk boost and Slight HP Boost, and then the Rage gain per turn... Which can be UPGRADED each to an extent DEPENDING on your LEVEL and how much Amethyst you have to do it like... Every 10 level ups you can upgrade each of the 3.

    So instead of starting off at +100 PDef Passive, +50 MDef passive, level 2 doubles it for the cost of 300,000 Amethyst at level 20(Level 10 is when you unlock it). Passive +100PAtk and +250HP becomes doubled as well for 300,000 Amethyst as well(Same unlock level as the other one). And finally the rage one: +10Rage per turn(Always unlocked) at level 10 it adds +5 rage per turn. Who agrees? I've been paying attention to what my friends and their friends were saying about this, along with the Guild... About 88%(Which is roughly a total of about 58 out of 63 or 64 people) wanted it.

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    wrong forum, wrong game