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  • daily check-ins suggestions

    ok I know this might not bother many ppl, but a few things to improve would be really nice to have such as: if one logs for 31 days he will have 5%-10% more exp bonus for the next month , such as world prosperity which is for everything. Right now you can only go for 26 days, and many times I had 30/30, or 31/31.

    Rewards such as 1 crypt key/1socketing rod, 20-50 balens maybe for logging an ammount of time in a row, would be pretty awesome, it is not much, it helps everyone and it just makes players be a lot more active in the game... which is best for all. more vouchers-gold-daru-gems and all, are really nice as well to have.

    About the balen reward, most games give real money currency ingame for being very active or other stuff, there is already the free balens option so 20/50 balens a month is really not that much for being as active as it needs for the reward.

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    R2 wont give you free balens for that ) i know is a suggestion but they wont give a **** for that. why not get 5$ for 500 balens from a player ? why would i give 20-30 balens because you are 30days checked?
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      I'd like to cycle back to the first check in if you can. Like get to 26 collect it, then collect the 3 day on the 29th again. Not a huge bonus but hey you checked in 3 more days right? Just reset it every month as usual


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        Yup, that extra 4~5 days seems like a complete waste, there's no need to check in after 26... LOL (because the check in won't be pushed into next month, all check in gets reseted)

        I like the cycle-back, that would be good, as we'll at least get the 2~5 day rewards.

        As for the EXP... naa, not a lot of ppls wants EXP (you'll see a lot of slow-levelers cry on forum if this is added in)

        Adding in extra items could be good too, maybe like at the 28th, 29th or 30th day (depending on the months)
        Crypt Key and Socket Rod sounds good. (like it alternate between 1 Crypt Key or 1 Socket Rod per month)

        And yea... R2 doesn't give out Balen as rewards, you have to go to the other hosts for that.
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          I was just posting it as suggestions, not demanding balens, and I know the chance for it to be added is somewhere with - on r2 But overall, would be great to have something extra to get for 31 days checked, or 27+ anyway. Exp was also just as a suggestion, i know it affects slow lvlers, I was one for over 1 month Maybe if we could choosr between the extra rewards, that would be awesome.