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How much money have you spent for Wartune until now?

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    Try doing the calculations on the people that have level 6+ stables.
    Your talking in the 10s of thousands lol
    But it's their money and can do what ever they want


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      I've spent about $500 since February and that's including VIP every month. Most expensive game I've ever played especially for a browser. I can only imagine what others have spent.

      Edit: Damn I take that back, I've actually went back and checked my order history and I've spent twice as much as I thought I did...
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        Originally posted by Bobbodiddy View Post
        Try doing the calculations on the people that have level 6+ stables.
        Your talking in the 10s of thousands lol
        But it's their money and can do what ever they want
        You need around 500,000 mount whips to get to level 7 stable. (judging by the exp needed and if you didn't get lots of 5x exp)

        Packs that's on sale usually comes in 150ish balen for 10 whips. (not sure, I don't pay attention to shop pricing)

        So... 75 x 50,000 = 75,000 USD spend on whips.


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          I must admit, i have commited the sin..
          The sin of wasting money on this game..
          my sin is as big as the figure 1000$ or around it. not exactly sure howmuch it is!


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            Class: Knight
            Level: 80
            BR: 200K
            Slyph: Hercules purple


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              Originally posted by symedia View Post
              how much you pay for you hobby ?
              - it could be hooker/games/play`n roulette (endless things)

              WHY IN HELL do you judge people?
              who really doesn't smirk at mega cashing bejewelers and candy crushers
              Wartune Tips and Guides:


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                This is so funny, Im playing free char a few months, lvl camping version ( 50k br @ lvl 50, 40 legend set). And totally satisfied with the results, ofc that is if you play wisely enough. Im not judging, rather sharing some experience I`ve attained to show that free play is also doable, it simply takes more patience. Also with bound balen system out I even bough wings after saving some. Cheers^^


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                  ummm i played on s 9 s58 and s410 i bet overall ive prob spent 6 k on the 3 honest and never claimed to be rhe wisest casher ever

                  MysterA uhhh 1.3 mil br
                  Slyph orange Hecate 136k br


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                    Originally posted by CreamySaucepan View Post
                    It's a person's own choice if they want to lose money on a game, or on cigarettes, or on a new car, or on going to the cinema daily, or buying the latest fashion that they really don't need and will never wear, or on a gym membership and then never going for a work out, or on an ugly perm, or... or... or... or...

                    People 'lose' money every day, on things they enjoy doing or can't live without. Why is it, once again, such a big issue when it's a game, and not with offline life things? Let people spend their money the way they want.
                    He isnt telling people what to do, but stating the fact about wartune. yes people do spend for other cra.p as you stated like cigars or etc.. but doesnt mean it is good thing.
                    But in the end, this thread is useless here, because we all know we are throwing money and still playing the game. So if you really want to help people, open a site and state all the fact about wartune and with that you can help people (new people) incase they start to play.


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                      woot, 11 month old threads

                      I spend zero. except for bound balens. does that count?


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                        i lost my counting around 0, 000006 . so i had to restart again and lost again ,


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                          i got all transposers lvl 6 - 9 on all gems + hades + apollo+ gaia + pan with full skills + passivs

                          then i got 2k whips left to lvl up stable to lvl 5

                          and then i got alot of clothing

                          + but i never spend balens on stable . so i am not sure how much ive spent in a total no clue to be honest . i double skill treee all runes uncept mire

                          lvl 6 weapon clothing lvl 4 robe lvl 4 helmet lvl 3 wings

                          i got 6900 mount strenght

                          my lvl is 77 my br is 121K
                          Server S16 - Immortal Ruins

                          Class = Archer

                          Lvl = 80

                          Br = 1.883742

                          IGN = ♫MoonBranch♫

                          Guild = TheLegends

                          Stable Mount Strenght 21200

                          Sylphs = Zuez - Orange 3 stars- br ( 123K ) lvl 80 Hecate 1 Star Orange = (86K) lvl 80
                          Medusa 4 Star purple Br = (41 K) lvl 80 Athena 2 Star Purple Br = (77K) lvl 80