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astro question

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  • astro question

    i have no privileges to post in game essentials thread
    so i post it here

    i think that there is no just flicking constellations on the background of astro interface
    there r probably increases some probabilities of getting some astral
    maybe color of an astral or maybe type
    maybe there is a dependence of a combination of a current constellation and astral button u r clicking now
    also there may be a long time lucky and bad luck periods for getting astrals

    does anybody noticed some dependencies

    for example i've noticed that there is a bad luck of getting first position astral when it's Scorpio shining

  • #2
    I thought that at first too... but turns out it does nothing.

    I tried timing my clicks based on constellation lights up, lol.

    Never tried timing the click of different stars based on constellations tho.


    • #3
      I have. Search gaga's guide to better astrals. I can get a yellow with 200k gold. The red, however, is a different story.