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Which server is running the show? good or bad?

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    s1 does have ore potential player for sure but its prolly as hard to find group if i do like u say and spam the fast invite button to find NM lich spam a long tiem and wotn find even on s1 u gotta fidn ur player make a group set time and do it then u gotta deal whit rl of each player unreliability of sum and try to run a group its a pain even in s1(R2 need to pull in that patch whit 1 mpd per people have time to actually help instead of havign to take 2hour for mpd+spire+tiem to fix group then behing detah tired of mp ...)

    ur server have plenty of player able to do nm lich u could make around2-3group since ur Server is high on knight go with dual archer knight mage its prolly the easyest comp for nm lich and also the quickest

    Every Archer over Sofia rank 32 and mage ovver Wishkey road rank 23 can handle this comp whit ease especially whit the tank u have on ur server..

    now u need to make a daily gorup and find player in those that play well! have a good teamwork Archer keeping theyre buff up , knight doing is appolo and shield at the right time And mage healing at the rigth time
    this group make up is by far the easyer and most fun of all make up i played in and ur server is very well blessed for it! 2 group would be really easy to make on it

    so ya pull in the effort to set the group and i guarantee u steel that u will farm nm lich, if u want any tips log on s1 i love to give tips and il be happy to help u reck my *** more!:P

    ssore s1 mage temple of ibalize
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