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Time is too demanding

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  • Time is too demanding

    This game is just too demanding for a browser game. The first week was fun, the second week was okay, the second month has been a chore. Even if I want to reduce playtime I'm still obligated to play 5 hours a day, when I cut back!

    Typical required day for me:
    11:00 WB
    12:00 Arena
    13:00 BG
    14:00 BG
    16:00 WB
    18:00 Duels
    21:00 Tanks
    22:00 WB

    That's ignoring all the mini work in between, farm plunders mpd anything else. It's just too demanding for a browser game. But hey don't stop playing for a week unless you want to try to pay 300$ to catch up gold/honor/runes/tokens/insignias wise.

    I like this game, but a whole session shouldn't take more then 2-3hours after 5pm each day. I hear there are plans for mpd to be reduced to 1 per day and possibly wb 1 per day that would help alot. However, there needs to be more slots for BG in the evening, having it overlap with tanks and wb means you only get 5-10 minutes to do a full run.

    I personally don't see why BG can't be every hour every day, same with other events. The player should have some choice when they can fit it into their schedule, not be punished when they can't.

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    I concur with this. I also like the game but really takes too much time.


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      I agree it's demanding, but really, it's up to everyone how much time they spend on a game. If you where playing a game where you could do everything as much as you wanted, would you play 24 hours a day then?