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Suggestion for recycling

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  • Suggestion for recycling

    Well, thanks to my own impatience and error, I've come across a feature of the game that could use a bit of tweaking. In the blacksmith shop, we of course have the ability to recycle items that we either don't need or no longer have a use for. In doing so, we receive a warning if the item is either already enchanted or has a gem. My recent stupidity provided me the opportunity to flush several weeks' worth of time, skeleton keys, crystalloids, and gold down the drain, when, while recycling trash from a recent dungeon run, I accidentally recycled a lvl 60 weapon that I had just recently synthesized during said dungeon runs. Granted, of course, this could have been avoided by my own paying more attention. However, I think it also could have been avoided had a secondary warning been presented that I was about the recycle the item. Sure, had it been enchanted or gemmed, I would have been warned, but a "second-chance" would have been nice before flushing it away. A simple "Are you sure you would like to recycle these items?" or something along that lines would have been nice. Now, of course, I won't be getting the item I lost back, and I'm looking forward to once again dungeon-grinding for the crystalloids necessary to start the task of obtaining my lvl 60 legendary gear ALL OVER AGAIN. By all means, feel free to laugh at my misfortune and ignorance, as I'm sure the wonderful R2 G.M. who initially received the support ticket I submitted making the suggestion and explaining the situation did, as they responded with the following:

    We will make certain to look into your idea. We encourage all ideas and suggestions brought from players to be posted on the forum so we can receive feedback from the community as a whole. Thank you.

    ~The R2Games Team
    And also went on to tell me that they of course could do nothing to refund the items, because I was of course at fault - which I by no means disagree with. Although, apparently, it does not matter by what means you lose the item, they can do nothing to refund lost items in general, out of fairness to all players:

    Thank you for your reply. Please try understand that we cannot correct issues in which a player was at fault. We can't refund your items, for us to keep fairness between players. Thank you.

    ~The R2games Team~
    So, I'm just getting this out there. By all means, this is also only my initial thought process on the idea, at a time when I'm pretty much seething at myself for allowing myself to do such a thing. There are ways, of course, that this idea can be elaborated and improved upon, and I hope that this spurs some movement amongst the community to improve an already existing feature. Of course, improvements for the overall stability of the game would be nice, too...but that's a discussion for another topic.

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    granted that your proposition is approved..

    now another person of your same caliber sold an item, a lvl60 pve set. even with a 2 times warning system ot whatever you call it.. and now this person suggest to put a THIRD warning. and it was also granted xD

    once is enough, twice is too much. your fault, dont blame the system


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      Gotta love constructive criticism. As I stated before, I know it was my fault, but that doesn't mean that there shouldn't be a system in place to keep others from doing it. They already have a system in place warning players of such actions when the item is already enchanted or gemmed. Why could that not be expanded, or simply modified, to ALWAYS prompt asking whether a player is sure or not they want to perform the recycling of an item? I called it a second chance, but really it's no more than an opportunity to force the player to stop and think about what they are doing before they do it. And I'm not talking about selling an item, I'm referring to RECYCLING it. There are plenty of other games out there that have systems where if an item is sold, the player has an opportunity to buy the item back.


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        if you ask me what a person is called when he/she sees a warning and still proceed, its called "stupid". and your proposal "2nd warning" are for those kinds of people.


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          ShiKKihS, you are a mean person, why the negativity?

          I would say maybe only for purple items should be a warning like when u want to sell one (puting the word: YES)


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            The proposal is not THAT farfetched. If you recycle a purple equipment the system should appear the messaga "Type YES for confirmation", like the high level astrals.


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              im not a mean person.. if only people know how to read warning messages then none of this will happen. and you know why there is only a handful of players that accidentally sold their pve gears? its because doing that is a human error and only for those who are impatient and dont know how to read(not literally). i pitty those people. blah blah blah without even understanding what those warnings/system message are for..


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                Okay, I haven't been clear enough, I suppose. As the system is right now, there is no warning at all before recycling gear that has neither been enchanted or gemmed. I'm not asking for a second warning - I'm asking for a first. When recycling gear, once you have put the gear up for recycling, and click recycle, it's done - period. That is, unless one of the pieces of gear you put up to recycle has been gemmed or enchanted, at which point you are given a warning that you are about to lose gear that has been enchanted/gemmed. I'm suggesting that be changed so that it ALWAYS gives a warning before recycling items, regardless of enchantment/gemming; i.e. when you put up equipment for recycling, no matter what the gear, whether it be enchanted or not, after you click refine, give a warning along the lines of "Recycling will destroy these items. Are you sure you wish to proceed?" ArowenGR's suggestion of prompting any time purple items are put up for recycling with a message similar to that for the orange and red astrals could also work, if we didn't want a warning for all levels of equipment.

                Sorry, Alfredo, just went back and read the previous posts and realized I missed your post. Both Arowen and Alfredo's suggestion of giving a confirmation on purple items is a good idea, which simplifies my idea of asking to confirm on all items.
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                  Typing in a prompt for purple items would definitely work as mentioned above. It should also be for purples only and not everything since that would really kill the purpose of the prompt due to the fact that you would be used to typing it every time you recycle anyways.


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                    Making it the same as when selling a purple item "YES" confirmation would solve all kinds of problem.


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                      Better idea....and somewhat different from what you're suggesting:

                      Introduce a "lock/unlock" function similar to what is available for astrals. Enable players to "lock/unlock items" items in order to prevent accidents such as this from happening.

                      My experience as relevant to this is that at one point I was out of guild vault space, but had acquired and max enchanted my entire 55 PvP set before hitting level 55. So the 55 set sat in my inventory, and every time I went to recycle I had to make d**n sure I wasn't tossing those into the fire. I think something (either a "lock" system or the expansion of the "type yes" prompt - wherein it says "You are about to recycle (name of high-end gear piece, type "yes" to continue") that offers peace of mind in this matter is definitely worth implementing.