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Astral hacks

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    I get the analogy , just making a joke. Seems though most people who research bugs,exploits, hacks are ones trying to exploit the game in the first place. Then there are some who just search to find them so they can report them or to know if they should even bother playing a game that's hackable so they are at a disadvantage. I think the biggest problem is people just assume cause they can't find a bug,hack, or exploit on google then none must not exist. Where as in reality the people who do find these keep them secret so they aren't patched/fixed. Someone said there are no hacks, bugs, exploits because r2 would know about it, we'll that's not entirely true because they can't fix/patch something when they don't know of it yet. So I agree with you, just putting it out in layman's terms to most people on here that just because you research them and can't find them doesn't mean there isn't any.
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      Since this thread spiraled off-topic I'll be closing this. If you feel this player or anyone else is hacking please contact your GM or file a ticket containing potential evidence.
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