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Brutality rune on WB?

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  • Brutality rune on WB?

    Does it work? i used it several times but i don't see any particular changes

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    The % damage works fine -- but it will reduce your total damage anyway since it takes too long (2 seconds), so you lose an attack. Only exception I can think of, theoretically, is a knight in PvE armor with maxed Enhanced Delphic Destroyer and L10 Brutality: Brutalizing a QTE'ed Enhanced Delphic Destroyer and Slasher just might compensate you for losing a Slasher. I have not tested this at all so I don't know if this is workable empirically.


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      It work, but you wasted a turn.
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        just think like this you make x dmg in a run (double hit ) if you use a brut rune or a damnation how much dmg do you win extra?


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          Tried (before sniper): better damage/gold without. WB is all about the most attacks you can make (and crit).
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