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    for free player there are any chance for get any mount

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    yes if u luck out, a free player can earn around 25 anniversary boxes so u got 25 shots at dragon.


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      I wanna pink fat piggy


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        Originally posted by R26119117 View Post
        for free player there are any chance for get any mount
        There is a chance at the dragon as a free player with a LOT of luck. I know there have been a few different calculations done but I think to get the Pig may require a SMALL amount of spending due the Alchemy quests. I'll be honest I plan on buying stuff so I don't really pay too much attention to the calculations except to know I can mitigate my spending through free seals.
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          You get around 190 seal at end of event (210 if you do extras)
          You get around 19 Marks at end of event (21 if you do extra*)

          *extra are those done one time just as events are released between 00:00~04:59 server time

          20 mark for Piggy
          40 mark for Hawkstrider
          80 mark for Razer Dragon

          You will be 1 mark short if you do not do extras,
          However you may spend up to 250 Soul Crystals to obtain 10 Seals to exchange for that 1 mark needed for Pig

          You require 5000 Soul Crystals for Hawkstrider (with previously 20 marks)
          You require 20000 Soul Crystals for Razer Dragon (with previously 20 marks)

          100 Seals for 12 Anniversary Gift Pack
          10 Seal for 1 Mark
          1 Mark for 1 Anniversary Gift Pack

          Anniversary Gift Pack : The official gift pack for Wartune’s first anniversary! Open this pack to receive: Anniversary Seal x1 and randomly receive ONE of the following:
          80,000 Gold
          40,000 Daru
          Lvl. 1 – Lvl. 3 Gem Pack x2
          Beast Mark x1
          Lvl. 9 Luck Stone x2
          Lvl. 4 Gem Pack x1
          Razor Dragon Card x1

          Winning chance for Dragon Card is rumored to be 1 out of 1000 packs.

          You can exchange at end for 12 Gift Packs
          (24 if you do extra or Soul Crystals, else you'll be around 6 seals short)
          (This is if you do not plan to get Pig Mount)
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